Class Notes: 3/19/2017

Heb 12:2; Rev 2:7; The doctrine of the winner part 49

Lam 3:21 -25; I recall this (doctrine) to my mind, and it gives me confidence. Because The Lord's mercy never fails; His grace provisions never cease, they are renewed every morning; Great is Your faithfulness... Therefore I have hope in Him. The Lord is good to those who wait silently on Him.

In our study of the doctrine of the winner believer. Heb 12:2; Rev 2:7; We have noted that winner believers are the unknown, unsung heroes of history. 2Cor 6:9; who are the targets of God's grace imputations and the reason that God continues to support the human race.

We are now in a segment where we are discussing the doctrine of church age spirituality that is based on the indwelling and filling ministries of God the Holy Spirit.

Last time we noted how pseudo spirituality aka fake spirituality focuses on the emotions Phil 3:18-19; while true spirituality focuses on rational thinking from God's Word of truth. Rom 12:2-3;

We also noted some synonyms for the filling ministry of God the Spirit include: Paul's vocabulary in Gal 5:16; "Walk by means of the Spirit...." And Eph 5:18, " Stop sinning and keep on being filled with the Spirit."

John's vocabulary in 1John 1:7; "walk in the light." and Peter's vocabulary in 2Pet 1:4; "partakers of the divine nature."

Knowledge of pertinent doctrine from God's Word of truth enables the believer to understand how the ministry of God the Holy Spirit works resulting in the believer acquiring confidence regarding the function of the ministry of the Spirit in their life. 1John 2:20-21; 1John 3:20-21;

Some Biblical Documentation for the principles of spirituality aka control of the soul by God the Holy Spirit and carnality aka control of the soul by the OSN is found in:

2Cor 3:17-18; NET "Now the Lord is the Spirit; and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.

v18 But we all, with an unveiled face seeing as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, as it were from the Lord who is the Spirit."

"The Lord is the Spirit" means that God the Holy Spirit is God. The Spirit of the Lord operates inside the new spiritual power system, not inside the Mosaic Law. This is why there is spiritual freedom from walking by means of the Spirit but not from walking by means of the Mosaic Law.

The problem with the law is that while it does define perfect righteousness Rom 7:12; but we cannot become righteous simply by complying with its mandates because we have an OSN. Rom 8:3-4;

The law requires absolute perfection but because of our OSN we need grace. God had to send His Son to be judged as a substitute for us so that the perfection of the Law could be fulfilled in us. 2Cor 5:21;

When learning the Mystery Doctrine of the Church Age, the Church Age believer has an unveiled face because this information is disclosed by the mentor ministry of God the Holy Spirit. This information was "hidden" because it was not disclosed to Old Testament believers.

The result of the disclosure is that Jesus Christ becomes your best friend so you move into the problem solving state of occupation with Christ because you think like Christ when you think God's Word of truth that is the thinking of Christ.

This is seeing the glory of the Lord in the mirror of God's Word. We look into God's Word of truth aka the Bible to perceive the Lord's glory because it discloses and therefore reflects the glory of His thinking.

In the process studying God's Word of truth we are transformed into an image of the humanity of our Lord Jesus Christ because He is God's Word. John 1:14;

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