Class Notes: 8/27/2017

Heb 12:2; Rev 2:7; The doctrine of the winner part 90;The portfolio of invisible spiritual assets

Lam 3:21-25; I recall this (God's Word of truth) to my mind, and it gives me confidence. Because The Lord's mercy never fails; His grace provisions never cease, they are renewed every morning; Great is Your faithfulness... Therefore I have hope in Him. The Lord is good to those who wait silently on Him.

In our study of the doctrine of the winner believer. Heb 12:2; Rev 2:7; Winner believers are the unknown, unsung heroes of history. 2Cor 6:9; who are the targets of God's grace imputations and one of the reason why God continues to support the human race in the devil's world.

We are now in a study of the portfolio of invisible assets the God gives to every believer on the basis of Jesus' work on the cross and conveyed to believers on the basis of grace and faith at salvation as salvation grace, after salvation as logistical grace and in spiritual maturity as the escrow in the form of supergrace and ultra supergrace. James 4:6; Eph 2:7;

We have noted that God cannot accept anything mankind does on the basis of merit because the corruption of the flesh by the sin nature makes all human production incompatible with God's perfect Holiness. Rom 8:3-9a; Gal 2:21;

This means that in God's plan believers can only function on the basis of grace so God provides 100% of the assets and does 100% of the work. Rom 4:2-8; Eph 2:8-10;

Because of this God gives every believer the positional or identity assets of election and predestination at the moment of salvation. Under election, our equal privilege is our royal priesthood and our equal opportunity is God's unconditional logistical grace support for every believer regardless of their attitude toward His grace policy and His protocol plan.

The believer has the option of expressing positive volition toward God, His grace policy and His protocol plan after salvation with the result that the unconditional blessings are parlayed into even greater escrow blessings for time and eternity.

This is what Paul was referring to when he said that he had yet to attain. Phil 3:12-14; Paul is telling us that it is necessary to keep on advancing as long as we are alive on the earth to avoid becoming a loser under the principle of the rate of learning must exceed the rate of forgetting because of the entropy associated with our situation in the fallen state of the devil's world.

We have noted that equal privilege and opportunity means that every believer has the same equal potential to be a winner. Losers are simply believers who make the free volitional choice not to take advantage of God's grace gifts, not to walk by means of the Spirit, not to learn God's Word of truth with the result that they live their life on the earth with wrong priorities and values. Rom 8:6; Phil 3:18-29;

The winner is the one who accepts God's grace challenge and perseveres in God's protocol plan regardless of the distractions and adversities that continuously assault them from all sides in the devil's world.

Last time we concluded with the principle that one of the most important things in the Christian life is patience and consistency under the principle of Matt 25:21;

Winner believers use their volition on a daily basis to establish a scale of values from God's Word of truth. Eph 4:13; This starts with making God's Word of truth one's highest priority and then taking the metabolized doctrine (aka epignosis) that is learned and applying it to life accurately under the mentorship of God the Holy Spirit. 2Tim 2:15;

Consistent perception, metabolization and application of God's Word of truth is required for the believer to maintain an accurate scale of values from metabolized doctrine while functioning under the pressure and adversity that comes from the chaos and disaster that is the status quo in devil's world. 1Cor 10:13; Phil 4:19;

Application is "walking" it is the way that you choose to conduct your life on a daily basis. You can only use your own two feet to walk; you cannot use someone else's feet.

In fact encountering someone else's feet while walking will cause you to trip and fall so under the principle of walking you must apply your own doctrine to yourself by yourself for yourself.

Because free volition is God's policy in the angelic conflict every believer must function autonomously before God no other person can be involved. In the devil's world the concept of autonomous free volition is constantly under assault.

"Walk by means of the Spirit" means you must be filled with the Spirit in order to apply God's Word of truth. "Walking by means of truth (doctrine) " means you learn your own doctrine and you counsel yourself with it on your own doctrine and you refuse to be turned away from it. 2John 4-11;

This is where you start using your volitional assets. You make being filled with the Spirit and learning doctrine the highest priority in your life. You don't let anything interfere with learning God's Word, and you don't let anything interfere with or compromise your application of God's Word to the circumstances of your life. Acts 5:29;

You walk by means of your own doctrine. This is how you use your volitional assets to parlay your primary positional assets and logistical grace into capacity to receive the greater grace of your escrow assets.

This is what a portfolio is designed to do. A portfolio uses existing assets to create additional assets.

Escrow blessings are attained through the invisible assets of your portfolio. Without your portfolio you could not develop a personal sense of destiny and have capacity to receive your escrow blessings.

1Cor 2:9; "However, as it stands written, in Isa 64:4; `things (portfolio of invisible assets) the eye has not seen ( because they are invisible), things the ear has not heard (unknown through empiricism), no mind has conceived ( not visualized by rationalism) what God has prepared for those who love Him (by means of grace and faith).'"

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