Class Notes: 9/27/2017

Heb 12:2; Rev 2:7; The doctrine of the winner part 98;The portfolio of invisible spiritual assets

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Lam 3:21-25; I recall this (God's Word of truth) to my mind, and it gives me confidence. Because The Lord's mercy never fails; His grace provisions never cease, they are renewed every morning; Great is Your faithfulness... Therefore I have hope in Him. The Lord is good to those who wait silently on Him.

In our study of the doctrine of the winner believer. Heb 12:2; Rev 2:7; Winner believers are the unknown, unsung heroes of history. 2Cor 6:9; who are the targets of God's grace imputations and one of the reason why God continues to support the human race in the devil's world.

We are now in a study of the portfolio of invisible assets that God provides for every believer in their election and predestination on the basis of Jesus' work on the cross.

These assets are conveyed to believers on the basis of grace and faith at salvation as salvation grace, after salvation as logistical grace and in spiritual maturity as the escrow of supergrace and ultra supergrace. James 4:6; Eph 2:7;

Last time we noted that predestination is the provision from God's sovereignty in eternity past whereby every member of the royal family of God is provided everything necessary to fulfill His plan. God provided everything we would ever need during our life in an unglorified sin and death infused body in the devil's world. 2Pet 1:2-4;

This means that we are not dependent on any category of human energy, human personality, human good, or any kind of other human production.

The equal privilege of predestination is established by the baptism of the Spirit whereby every believer is entered into union with Christ. This is the basis for positional sanctification and the formation of God's Royal family.

This also means that within God's royal family there are no positional distinctions between individuals. There are no racial, social, economic, physiological, or intelligence distinctions, because we are all in union with Christ.

This also means that there are no handicaps for any believer to function in their priesthood as a member of God's Royal family.

Believers are to learn to regard themselves as being related to God, instead of in terms of their relationships to people.

Believers must learn that their relationship with God precedes and has complete precedence over their relationships with people in order to comply with the mandates of God's protocol plan for His Royal family. Eph 5:1-2;

When believers understand this it eliminates all forms of prejudice. Once you have believed in Christ, you are to regard yourself as an heir of God, not as someone associated with some race, social structure, economic status, or personality.

You are to learn to view yourself as being "in Christ" as a member of God's "Holy nation" aka His Royal family.

As a Royal believer priest you must recognize that is impossible to compare yourself with others. You are to live your life autonomously as unto the Lord. Your status in life is determined exclusively by your relationship with God in union with our Lord Jesus Christ.

This information is not being communicated by very many pastors in our country today and it is one of the reasons satan is able to create so much in division our country.

Satan's thinking divides by causing believers to focus on the differences that are related to their natural birth in Adam. Jesus' thinking unifies by causing believers to focus on their new identity that is the result of being born again and being in Christ.

Too many pastors have been bought off by satan's offer of the kingdoms of this world.

As a result the angel of light has transformed them from being ministers of Christ and God's Word of truth with it's message of spiritual reconciliation by becoming a new spiritual species into "ministers of self righteousness" who attempt to obtain social justice and equality in the devil's world on the basis of first birth that creates division and conflict. 2Cor 11:13-15; Phil 3:18-19;

Our adoption into God's royal family comes from our union with Christ. You are the heir of God and the joint-heir with the Son of God and nothing can remove you from your position in Christ. Rom 8:31-39;

This is also a basis for the doctrine of eternal security. All believers regardless of whither or not they choose to advance in God's plan are secure in their union with Christ forever.

It is also the basis of the formation of God's royal family that is a unique and distinctive characteristic of the Church Age. Every believer in this dispensation is irrevocably changed into a new spiritual species and established as a member of God's royal family.

Our Lord Jesus Christ is identified by three royal titles. His title Son of God recognizes His eternal royal family that is comprised of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

His title Son of David was conveyed with the beginning of His Hypostatic Union with the birth of His perfect unglorified humanity recognizes His royal heritage as the King of Israel in the dynasty of King David.

His title King of kings, Lord of lords, the Bright Morning Star was conveyed when He was seated at the right hand of God the Father.

At that time there was no royal family for this new title so God the Father inserted the Church Age into human history for the calling out of the royal family of God as tactical victors in the angelic conflict as witnesses of the prosecution of the fallen angels in association with our Lord's third royal patent of nobility

The Church Age is therefore a unique dispensation, the only one in history that emphasizes the individual believer without regard to one's natural human heritage.

As a believer in Jesus Christ during the Church Age in association with His third royal patent you have the greatest opportunity and the greatest privilege that has ever belonged to anyone during the entire course of human history.

The portfolio of invisible spiritual assets that God the Father assigned to you in eternity past makes it possible for you to have fantastic personal and historical impact should you decide to take advantage of it.

The equal opportunity of predestination is the operational spiritual power system that is the palace that God the Father designed for every believer in eternity past. The deployment of this spiritual power system is the means of fulfilling God's protocol plan.

God the Holy Spirit indwelt and filled you at the moment of your salvation and thereby entered you into your very own prefabricated palace that is the only place where the Christian spiritual life functions because the Christian spiritual life can only be executed with God's power and provision under His grace policy.

The indwelling ministry of God the Holy Spirit establishes your union with Christ as a member of God's royal family. The filling ministry of God the Holy Spirit provides the power to execute God's protocol plan.

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