Class Notes: 11/19/2017

Heb 12:2; Rev 2:7; The doctrine of the winner part 111;The portfolio of invisible spiritual assets

Lam 3:21-25; I recall this (God's Word of truth) to my mind, and it gives me confidence. Because The Lord's mercy never fails; His grace provisions never cease, they are renewed every morning; Great is Your faithfulness... I therefore have hope in Him. The Lord is good to those who wait silently on Him.

We are presently in a study of the doctrine of winner believers Heb 12:2; Rev 2:7; who are the unknown, unsung heroes of history as God's witnesses in the prosecution of satan and the fallen angels. 2Cor 6:9; and who are the targets of God's grace imputations and one of the reason why God continues to support the human race in the evil adversity of the devil's world. 2Pet 3:9;

Winner believers have consistent positive volition to God's Word that creates capacity for them to allow God to work in them to parlay the portfolio of invisible assets that God provides for every believer in their election and predestination at salvation into the greater capacity that is required for them to receive the greater grace escrow blessings that God deposited in eternity past as a winner. 1Cor 3:13-14;

When we stopped last time we were noting where the distribution and utilization of the believer's portfolio of invisible assets occurs.

We noted that the first is at the point of salvation under the signature guarantee of God the Holly Spirit when His sealing ministry provides the primary assets of election and predestination that are the basis for the equal privilege and equal opportunity within God's royal family.

This is the only place where equality exists in the devil's world and this equality is spiritual so it is invisible and only available to believers in Jesus Christ.

God the Holy Spirit also provides the motivation for the function of the volitional assets including positive volition toward doctrine, and the beginning of the cognitive renovation that comes from spiritual growth. God the Holy Spirit also gives every believer a spiritual gift as a personnel asset for function within the Church.

During spiritual childhood the believer begins to deploy their volitional assets by making good decisions from the position of strength that is established from learning God's Word of truth under the ministry of God the Holy Spirit.

This where the believer's spiritual life begins to develop momentum because the believer begins to have a frame of reference that is in alignment with the eternal divine decree that God's Word discloses.

In spiritual childhood there is very little capacity from resident doctrine in the thinking so there is only a small amount of spiritual production but the believer begins to function with their spiritual gift and aptitude begins to be displayed by those who have communication gifts.

In spiritual childhood the primary assets become operational so you're now beginning to function in your position as a royal priest so you can acknowledge any known sin to God and thereby recover the experiential filling ministry of God the Holy Spirit.

Under equal opportunity of election, God sustains you through the conveyance of logistical grace blessings that are distributed unconditionally on a daily basis.

Under equal privilege of predestination, the believer begins to discover the experiential power the filling of the Spirit that functions inside God's spiritual power system and learns how to consistently make the volitional choices that are necessary to reside within it.

During spiritual adulthood the believer's primary assets become functional and the volitional assets result in capacity to make good decisions from a position of strength from the power that is available from God's Word of truth under the recall ministry of God the Holy Spirit inside God's spiritual power system.

In spiritual adulthood the believer's doctrinal viewpoint provides the capacity to deploy doctrine in the adversity of providential preventative suffering and advance from spiritual self-esteem to spiritual autonomy.

Suffering is simply a reality of life for everyone who is living in the devil's world in a sin infused death shadowed mortal body. One's attitude toward suffering is what determines weather it is a blessing or a disaster in life.

As the believer advances through suffering, the additional doctrinal momentum developed by the application of doctrine in the undeserved suffering for blessing of providential preventative suffering results in the capacity for in spiritual autonomy that is tested during momentum testing with the result that the believer's production and Christian service become effective.

This includes the effective function of the believer's spiritual gift.

In spiritual maturity the primary assets are deployed to the maximum resulting in capacity to receive the conveyance of the escrow blessings for time that staggers the believer's imagination and glorifies God. Eph 3:20-21;

In spiritual maturity the capacity for maximum spiritual production creates the potential for evidence testing that provides the opportunity to glorify God to the maximum while enduring undeserved suffering for blessing by the application of doctrine that creates even more momentum.

In spiritual maturity the impact assets are fully operational so the believer has personal impact in blessing by association, historical impact as part of the pivot, maximum function of the spiritual gift and international impact where pertinent.

Eph 1:6,12,14; explains that the portfolio of invisible assets is provided for the glorification of God.
Eph 1:6; "resulting in the praise the glory of His grace."
Eph 1:12; "in order that we should be for the praise of His glory."
Eph 1:14; "for the release of your assets for the praise of His glory."

We see from this that the reason that God has provided us with the invisible portfolio of spiritual assets is that it provides us with the purpose of glorifying God while we inhabit our unglorified sin infused body while residing in the death shadowed environment of the devil's world.

Heb 10:35-36; tells us that these assets are so important that we can't afford to miss out and fail to take advantage of them. If we do not use the assets God has given us we will have a miserable life in time and end up without the conveyance of our escrow blessings for both time and eternity.

Heb 10:35;"Therefore, do not throw away as worthless your confidence (signature guarantee of Holy Spirit and confidence in the indwelling of Jesus Christ) which keeps on having rich distribution of blessing (the portfolio of invisible assets).

v36 Because you keep on having need of perseverance so that when you have done the will of God (fulfilled the protocol plan of God) you may receive the deposit ( the escrow) that He has promised (through the signature guarantee of the sealing ministry of God the Holy Spirit)."

We throw away as worthless our confidence when we establish priorities that reject or contradict our position as members of God's royal family in union with our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our scale of values is determined by what we to do with our free time. God's Word of truth establishes a correct scale of values. Throwing away our confidence is to have a false scale of values. 1Thes 5:21-22;

The signature guarantee of the Holy Spirit is His sealing ministry that is the guarantee that you have a portfolio of invisible assets and eternal security from the moment of salvation. Eph 1:13;

Eph 1:14;"who is the pledge or guarantee of our inheritance for the release of your assets (inheritance) for the praise of His glory."

God the Holy Spirit also enters us into union with Christ making us joint-heirs with Christ. Rom 8:16-17;

The residence of the Lord Jesus Christ as the indwelling "Shekinah" glory is the guarantee that blessing is available as part of the invisible assets. John 14:20; "You are in Me, and I in you."

Paul describes these magnificent blessings in Rom 11:33-36; "Oh the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are His decrees and unfathomable His ways!

v34 For who has known the mind of the Lord, or who has become His counselor?

v35 Or who has given to Him and not been compensated?

v36 Because the all things (our portfolio) are from the source of Him and through the agency of Him and for His purpose. To Him be glory forever. Amen."

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