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Heb 10:38 The doctrine of doctrinal orientation part 10

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Lam 3:21-25; I recall this (God's Word of truth) to my mind, and it gives me confidence. Because The Lord's mercy never fails; His grace provisions never cease, they are renewed every morning; Great is Your faithfulness... I therefore have hope in Him. The Lord is good to those who wait silently on Him.

We are presently in a study of the doctrine of the winner believer Heb 12:2; Rev 2:7; those who are the unknown, unsung heroes of history as God's witnesses in the prosecution of satan and the fallen angels. 2Cor 6:9; and who are the targets of God's grace imputations who God supports to press His doctrinal advance in the spiritual death of the devil's world. 2Pet 3:9;

God's Word creates capacity for the believer to trust in God to work for them even when they don't understand exactly how and why.

Doctrinal viewpoint is also what enables the believer to have the patience to wait on God's timing. Isa 40:31; and accept His sovereign decision regardless of the outcome because they understand that God's plan is perfect. Matt 26:39; Phil 2:5-11;

This viewpoint called doctrinal orientation is based on the absolute reality of God's perfection that only God's Word of truth reveals.

We are presently looking at the example of the application of doctrinal orientation in Heb 10:35-38; explains that the Jewish believers in Jerusalem in 67 AD were at risk of "throwing Bible doctrine away" as worthless because of their emotional attachment to God's ritual plan for Israel that revolved around the temple.

Because of their emotions they could not get their head around the fact that God had repealed the ritual plan and replaced it with the protocol plan with the launch of the Church Age.

When we left off last time we were in Heb 10:38;b where we noted that the phrase "Shrinks back" is translated from the aorist middle subjunctive of the Greek verb "hupostello," that means to retreat.

We understand from this that everyone who does not have doctrine will retreat. In the end retreat means you stop advancing and then you turn around and run away in fear.

Believers retreat because they do not understand that God likes to play chicken with satan by delivering His people from his assaults at the last moment possible. God waits until maximum impact can be achieved in victory. Believers can only learn that this is God's strategy from God's Word.

The constantive aorist tense views the action of the verb in its entirety. It takes into view all of the steps of reversionism from the initial reaction, the frantic search for happiness, that fails and then bounces back to intensify factors that initiated the problem in the first place. Hosea 8:7a;

Negative volition toward doctrine also opens up a vacuum in the thinking that sucks in false doctrine or "fake news" that is comprised of disinformation and propaganda that left unchecked leads to blackout of the soul, followed by scar tissue of the soul that if left unchecked results in the dying discipline of the sin unto death. 1Cor 11:30;

This is why believers are to "test the validity of everything and only then accept what it true." 1Thes 5:21; This results in capacity to abstain from every form of evil. 2Thes 5:22; That leads to being preserved by the God of tranquility. 2Thes 5:23;

When people retreat from truth they don't retreat all at once, they retreat incrementally. A retreat starts with compromised thinking that leads to the person to distance himself and then turn around and run away.

A retreat in the soul also creates an attitude of discontent. Discontentment causes people to get bored and want to get out of something instead of sticking with it because it is the right thing to do.

Heb 10:38b;The subjunctive mood means that retreat is possible but it hasn't yet occurred. " My soul" refers to God's attitude. Scripture often uses the word translated "soul" as an anthropomorphism to describe God's essence.

When it says "my soul shall not have pleasure in him" it means that the believer is not in compliance with the righteousness and justice of God's grace policy with the consequence that God's love is forced to bring divine discipline on the believer rather than blessing.

"Shall have no pleasure" is a futuristic present that anticipates the fact that divine discipline is a potential so that positive volition toward doctrine remains possible, "my soul shall not approve of (have pleasure in) him."

A complete expanded translation of verse 38: "But my justified one (a believer who is a member of God's Royal Family) shall live by means of believing the doctrine and if he himself retreats, my soul shall not have pleasure in him."

Heb 10:39; But we are not of those who retreat to destruction but are those who have a doctrinal defensive perimeter that preserves the soul.

This verse is an exhortation to believers to maintain their volitional determination to press on by believing and holding on to the doctrine.

The attitude of every believer should be to relentlessly receive, retain, recall and apply Bible doctrine at all times regardless of the distractions and opposition that come from their OSN, satan and his cosmic systems.

"But we" (believers), those for whom God has a predetermined purpose, meaning and plan "are not" (the present active indicative of "eimi" plus the negative). Something we are definitely not..., in this case we are not those who are going to retreat by running away in fear.

To prevent a retreat God's Word must your highest priority in life and you must determine for yourself that you are not going to retreat from God's Word no matter what opposition encounter from any source that tests your doctrine by tempting you to want to change your mind and think that God's Word of truth won't work.

We are not those who retreat is a descriptive genitive that means that Bible doctrine that is inculcated, ingrained, and established as your highest priority in life enables you to stand your ground rather than retreat.

To do this you have to consistently make good decisions from a position of strength because they are based on the absolute truth of God's Word. To do this you have to find some way to consistently receive doctrine.

"To destruction" is translated from the preposition "eis" plus the noun "apoleia" that means destruction. So it should be translated "we are not those who retreat with the result that we are destroyed".

Destruction here means the cancellation of living. God's justified one shall live, and destruction means you are still alive but you are not really living because you are a walking zombie because you are functioning in carnal death from negative volition to God's Word of truth.

Destruction means a system of discipline that leads to the sin unto death that is the result of maximum divine discipline on the believer, It also means to die without dying grace so physical death is agonizing. Those who retreat receive divine discipline that ends in physical death under the sin unto death.

"We are not of the retreating types who fail to deploy doctrine so that God finds us useless in the invisible war so He recalls us into heaven under the discipline of the sin unto death."

"But" the Greek conjunction "alla" that is the strongest adversative conjunction that completely rejects the previous potential.

(but we are) "those who have doctrine that preserves the soul." Net note 48

The prepositional phrase, "eis" plus the accusative of "peripoiesis" means "to preserve in order to possess."

It means to preserve and possess something that is wonderful, to preserve and possess something that is our heritage, to preserve and possess something that God designed for us to possess.

We are here to be occupied with the person of Jesus Christ, we are here to get our eyes on the Lord and keep them there so that we can have the capacity for life and to possess the supergrace blessings that God wants to convey to us as part of our inheritance.

We are here so that God can promote us, we are here for God to prosper us and we are here for God to bless us to the maximum.

God wants us in the devil's world for the purpose of using us as a means of sticking His finger into the devil's eye and proving that satan's cosmic systems cannot offer anyone anything that can even remotely come close to what God freely offers under His grace policy by means of believing His doctrine.

It is a product of free volition because under God's grace policy you must be free accept it or to reject His doctrine. You start with the soul and when the soul possesses His doctrine on the inside then it follows axiomatically that on the outside you are going to possess prosperity.

The "of soul" phrase here is what is called an ablative of means. "But we are not the retreating type designed for destruction ( under the sin unto death); but we are the doctrinal type for the purpose of possession by means of His doctrine in the soul."

God leads the soul that possesses doctrine into the supergrace life. In order to glorify God the believer's soul must possess Bible doctrine that provides capacity to attain tactical victory in association with our Lord's strategic victory over satan and his cosmic systems.

This tells us why God's Word of truth aka Bible Doctrine must be our highest priority and brings us to the doctrine of the importance of doctrine.

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