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The doctrine of doctrinal orientation part 16

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Heb 1:1-3 (NET) After God spoke long ago in various portions and in various ways to our ancestors through the prophets, in these last days he has spoken to us in a son, whom he appointed heir of all things, and through whom he created the world.The Son is the radiance of his glory and the representation of his essence, and he sustains all things by his powerful word...

We are in a study of the doctrine of the winner believer Heb 12:2; Rev 2:7; that the world does not deserve Heb 11:37-40; those who are the unknown, unsung heroes of history as God's witnesses in the prosecution of satan and the fallen angels. 2Cor 6:9;

Winners are those who become the targets of God's grace imputations because they have capacity from believing God's word with the result that they become the ones who God sustains to press His doctrinal advance in the spiritual death of the devil's world because He desires everyone to be saved. 1Tim 2:4;

In our present segment we are looking at the doctrinal viewpoint of the winner believer. When the believer has doctrinal viewpoint God's Word creates capacity for the believer to trust that God will work for them even when they don't understand exactly how and why they just understand and believe that God is always true and faithful to His Word.

This is also why doctrinal viewpoint enables the winner believer to have the patience to wait on God's timing. Isa 40:31; and accept His sovereign decision regardless of the temporal outcome because they understand that God's eternal plan is perfect. Matt 26:39; Phil 2:5-11; Rom 8:28;

Doctrinal viewpoint aka doctrinal orientation is derived from the absolute reality of God's perfection that is exclusively revealed in God's Word of truth so it can only be acquired by its communication. Rom 10:17; Luke 11:28; John 8:31-32;

Winners submit to this communication and learn to conduct their lives on the basis of doctrinal viewpoint. Rom 1:16-17; Rom 12:3;

Doctrinal viewpoint is what provides winners with cognitive invincibility that is established on the basis of the veracity, faithfulness and immutability of God and His Word. Isa 28:16 Isa 26:3; Psa 119:165; Psa 56:4-6;

All of this is possible because of Jesus' strategic victory in the angelic conflict on the cross where God made provision for the fall of mankind and every subsequent failure (sin) that was the result of the fall.

Last time we noted that because of Jesus' victory over satan on the cross the age of Israel was set aside so that God could create a royal family in association with Jesus' spiritual heritage as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

In Psa 138:2; we see that a legacy of faith (doctrine) aka spiritual heritage was also conveyed to Israel. David wrote this psalm while he was still a soldier and it reveals his doctrinal viewpoint during his spiritual advance.

v2 The Hebrew words translated "I will bow" means worship (KJV). The subject "I" that refers to David tells us that he was free to choose to worship or not to worship.

This means that no one should ever be coerced regarding their relationship with God because worship must come from one's own uncoerced free will.

Believers worship because of the capacity they have developed from learning God's Word with the result that they think on the basis of doctrinal viewpoint.

The communion service is a good example of this because the ritual in the Lord's table tests us to see how much doctrine we have in our soul regarding the symbols that represent Jesus Christ and the categories of doctrine that explain the who, what, when, where, why, and how of His victory on the cross.

So it could be translated "I myself will worship toward the temple." But we must remember that at the time that this was written there was no physical temple because it was not built until after Solomon was king.

This means that the words translated "I will bow toward your holy temple" actually refer to David worshipping toward heaven so when he worships he is not bowing his head in a building he is actually outside looking up toward heaven as he is kneeling.

This is telling us that David recognizes that God is in heaven and he is occupied with the person of the Lord Jesus Christ as He was revealed in the Old Testament and as a great soldier he has a maximum amount of God's Word of truth in his stream of consciousness regarding Jesus Christ who is the Lord of the Armies.

So when David says, "I will worship toward the temple" he is talking about the real Holy of Holies in heaven. He is anticipating the fact that according to prophecy that on the cross the veil would be ripped in half with the result that believers would reside in the Holy of Holies at the right hand of the Father.

He looks forward to the day when there would be a royal family on the earth when every believer would live their spiritual life by means of the filling ministry of God the Holy Spirit and doctrine. John 4:23-24;

In heaven David will not be a king because in heaven church age believers are God's royal family and David will be there but at that time and place he will not be king of Israel instead his greater son Jesus Christ who is also the head of the church will be king of Israel forever. 2Sam 7:12-13;

David was looking forward to that time, and as he was looking forward to it he was recognizing that God is perfect and since God is perfect His plan must be perfect because it is impossible for a perfect God to have an imperfect plan.

David was recognizing that everything depended on who and what God is, and that God had already decreed what would be and that God's decree was perfect.

God had already made the issue clear and for David it was simply a matter of his having positive volition to God's will, purpose and plan so when David said, "I myself will worship" what he meant was "I am oriented to God's plan for my life.

What we see here is David at a time when he had maximum doctrine in his thinking with the result that he is about to enter the blessings associated with the supergrace life.

Once he recovered from his reversionism that led to the dark days of being on the run from Saul and seeking refuge from Achish the Philistine king in Gath he never had any illusions regarding the true source of his blessing so after his initial failure he passed momentum testing and become a supergrace believer.

Psa 138:2b; "and give thanks" is translated from the Hebrew verb "yadah" that means to acknowledge, give thanks, or praise. This is the Hebrew equivalent of the Greek word "homologeo."

No one acknowledges, gives thanks or praises God until they are self motivated, and there will never be any true motivation until it comes spontaneously from the inside the heart not from external pressure to conform because of some coercive external pressure or manipulation from some group or collective.

It comes spontaneously from your own soul, and if it comes from your own soul it is because you have capacity from doctrine because you kept on pressing on in your own personal doctrinal advance because you refused to give in to any pressure to stop your own personal doctrinal advance.

We see from this that worshiping God is a private individual matter that is based on private individual choices. Worshiping God is not the result of pressure from a group or a collective.

This individualism is the basis of American individualism and is why satan and his progressive pawns in education, politics and the media attack it. All forms of the "cosmic consensus" aka "group think" are demonic.

v2b the word translated "your name" literally means "your person." The Hebrew word "shem" means reputation or person. In this case it means person so the phrase "give thanks to your name" in the NASB really means to "give thanks to your person."

Ritual requires something in the soul to relate it to the reality that it actually portrays. Ritual without reality is meaningless so it is only because we have doctrine in the stream of consciousness that we love and appreciate who and what Jesus Christ is this means that we must have accurate doctrinal truth in our thinking in order to properly love and celebrate any tradition or ritual.

This is the problem in our country today. Our national traditions are disrespected because the truth they represent is no longer taught in the schools because of their focus on the demon doctrines of "cultural equality" and "political correctness."

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