Class Notes: 1/28/2018

The doctrine of doctrinal orientation part 17

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Heb 1:1-3; (NET) After God spoke long ago in various portions and in various ways to our ancestors through the prophets,
v2 in these last days he has spoken to us in a son, whom he appointed heir of all things, and through whom he created the world.
v3 The Son is the radiance of his glory and the representation of his essence, and he sustains all things by his powerful word...

We are in a study of the doctrine of the winner believer Heb 12:2; Rev 2:7; those who the world does not deserve Heb 11:37-40; who are the unknown, unsung heroes of history as those who testify of the veracity of God's perfect integrity in the darkness of the devil's world during God's prosecution of satan and the fallen angels. 2Cor 6:9;

Winners are those who become the targets of God's grace imputations because they have capacity from believing God's word of truth with the result that they become the ones who God sustains to press His doctrinal advance in the spiritual death of the devil's world because regardless of the devil's hatred God desires every person to be saved. 1Tim 2:4;

In our present segment we are looking at the doctrinal viewpoint of the winner believer. When the believer has doctrinal viewpoint God's Word creates capacity for the believer to trust that God will work for them even when they don't understand exactly how and why because they know from the doctrine that they have learned that God is always true and faithful to His Word because He cannot deny himself.

This is also why doctrinal viewpoint enables the winner believer to have the patience to wait on God's timing regardless of the circumstances. Isa 40:31; and accept His sovereign decision regardless of the temporal outcome because they understand that God's eternal plan is perfect even when everyone else objects. Matt 26:39; Phil 2:5-11; Rom 8:28;

Doctrinal viewpoint aka doctrinal orientation is derived from the absolute reality of God's perfection that is revealed exclusively in God's Word of truth so it can only be acquired by listening to the communication of God's Word. Rom 10:17; Luke 11:28; John 8:31-32;

Winners submit to God's system for the communication of doctrine with the result that they learn to conduct their lives on the basis a doctrinal reality instead of an empirical reality. Rom 1:16-17; Rom 12:3;

Doctrinal viewpoint is what provides winners with cognitive invincibility that is established on the basis of their understanding of the immutability of the veracity, faithfulness of God and His Word. Isa 28:16 Isa 26:3; Psa 119:165; Psa 56:4-6;

All of this is possible because of Jesus' strategic victory over satan on the cross where God made provision for the fall of mankind and every subsequent failure (sin) that was the result of the fall of mankind and their enslavement to satan,

Last time we had started to look at Psa 138:2; where we see that a legacy of faith (doctrine) aka a spiritual heritage was also conveyed to Israel as the new racial species. David wrote this psalm while he was still a soldier and it reveals his doctrinal viewpoint during his invisible spiritual advance while he was a soldier.

Our expanded translation as far as we got was: "I will worship toward your Holy temple and give thanks to your person."

The next word is "for", but it is causal so it really means" because." David is going to explain to us why he worships the Lord, why he is occupied with Christ, why he recognizes Jesus Christ and celebrates Him.

v2c "Your lovingkindness" is next, lovingkindness is an anachronistic old English word that really doesn't mean much to us today. The Hebrew word is "checed" that means grace or mercy.

Grace and mercy always depend on who and what God is. Under grace God does the planning, God provides everything, and God meets the need so the best translation is "grace."

A good translation of the phrase translated "for Your lovingkindness" in the NASB would be "because of Your grace."

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