Class Notes: 4/3/2018

2Cor 13:8; The doctrine of doctrinal orientation part 32

2Cor 13:8; For we can do nothing against the truth, but only for the truth.

In our study we have been noting the consequences of negative volition to God's Word of truth and have been noting passages that describe the fall of the Israelite client nations who had rejected God's Word.

We are looking at Hosea 4:1-6 and left off in Hosea 4:3 with the phrase translated "the country mourns."

We noted that it is translated from a Hebrew idiom that refers to universal lamentation that comes from the loss of loved ones from unrestrained criminality and defeat in warfare.

Lawless people govern the nation. Today in the USA we have lawless government employees in positions of authority who refuse to comply with the divine establishment principles cited in the constitution that they took an oath to defend and protect.

In addition all too often the court system that also swore to protect and defend the constitution instead rules against it and even goes so far as to redefine evil as good and good as evil and even establish sin and evil as "civil law". Rom 1:25-2:11;

Jesus and His disciples faced this same problem. Even though innocent, Jesus and all of the disciples were considered by the lawless civil government in Judea to be criminals to the point where the lawless civil authorities pursued them, imprisoned them, and killed them.

In nations with negative volition to divine establishment people who stand for God's Word of truth inevitably end up hiding and then fleeing to avoid being chased down, incarcerated and killed. 2Tim 3:12-13; 2Cor 4:7-11; Heb 11:32-40;

This is why over the past 2000 years the pivot has relocated from Judea to the USA. We do not know when the next forced relocation will occur but it is already occurring in many places including South Africa where the "white people" aka Christians are presently fleeing to Australia and other places.

The evil nation's law enforcement fails because lawless government officials politicize the enforcement of the law with the result that criminality runs rampant within the nation and the law abiding civilians are assaulted, raped and murdered without restraint because politicized law enforcement is unjust and feckless.

The decline in the population becomes so bad that there are not even enough citizens who have physical and moral capacity to enter the military to defend the nation.

In addition the evil nation fails to properly fund those who can and do join the military with the result that the military is unable to acquire and maintain the proper equipment that is necessary to win wars.

In spite of this lack of support from the demonized civilian population the military still commits to do battle with the enemy in a failed attempt to protect the nation resulting in the lives of the soldiers being lost in battle.

Hosea 4:3b; "and everyone who lives in the nation wastes away". This is the pual perfect of the Hebrew verb "amal". It means to be weak in character, and weakness in character means failure to live by principles and standards from God's Word.

The standard for thinking for believers should be based on divine establishment and Bible doctrine that is resident in the believer's soul and the standards for thinking for unbelievers should be based on standards from the laws of divine establishment that is resident in the unbeliever's soul.

This weakness results in the people being led by people who make decisions based on irrational emotions rather than rational thought from doctrinal truth.

This is defined in Isa 3:11-12; The words translated children and women refers to people who are completely devoid of doctrine functioning under emotional revolt of the soul which means they have no divine viewpoint that is the basis for making good decisions from a position of strength.

The lack of rational thought from proper standards for thinking in both believer and unbeliever results weakness of character that leads to inverted values that become the basis of improper priorities that results in making bad decisions that limit future options.

Weakness of character causes the nation to prioritize the evil injustice of political correctness and social engineering over the righteous justice of divine establishment, self indulged entitlements over the proper preparation of the military and law enforcement and security in exchange for freedom that results in the loss of loved ones from the unrestrained evil of criminality and military defeat. Jer 17:5-7;

Hosea 4:3;b "and all its inhabitants will waste away and the beasts of the field, the birds of the air, and the fish in the sea will be removed."

Wasting away includes losing your sense of identity, well- being, and courage that results in loss of patriotism and the will to live. The people suffer and the animals they need for food are removed by death from lack of food or disappear because the lack of food causes them to change their migration patterns.

This is the principle of sic transit gloria mundi or the principle of " there is no advantage to having the advantages without the advantage" that means that the advantages of material prosperity are not an advantage without the advantage of spiritual prosperity from God's Word of truth.

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