Class Notes: 4/8/2018

Hosea 8:6-7; The doctrine of doctrinal orientation part 33

Hosea 8:6b-7; Their idol will be broken into pieces they sow to the wind so they reap the whirlwind.... NET

In our study we have been noting the consequences of negative volition to God's Word of truth and have been noting passages that describe the fall of the Israelite client nations who had rejected God's Word.

We are looking at God's warning to the Northern Kingdom of Israel in Hosea 4:1-6 and left off in Hosea 4:3;b "and all its inhabitants will waste away and the beasts of the field, the birds of the air, and the fish in the sea will be removed."

Wasting away includes losing your sense of identity, well- being, and courage that results in loss of patriotism and the will to live. The people suffer and the animals they need for food are removed by death from lack of food or disappear because the lack of food due to famine in the land causes them to change their migration patterns.

This is the principle of sic transit gloria mundi or the principle of " there is no advantage to having the advantages without the advantage" that means that the advantages of material prosperity are not an advantage without the capacity needed for advantage that only comes from spiritual prosperity from God's Word of truth.

The basis for prosperity is God's grace that is imputed to those who keep His Word so material prosperity will not last without the spiritual prosperity that comes from compliance with doctrinal truth.

An economy based on free enterprise creates an environment where capacity for the imputation of God's grace is possible because people are functioning on the basis of free volition rather than tyrannical coercion from evil government.

Economic depression is the consequence of the destruction of free enterprise from the infiltration of the evil of demon doctrines into the thinking of the people.

At its inception, tike every other successful nation, the Northern Kingdom of Israel was a society of highly successful and prosperous people but as their thinking reverted from divine viewpoint into demonic viewpoint, they began to think in terms of evil.

This false doctrine overflowed into the economy when the government instituted systems that stifled and destroyed freedom and robbed the nation of its integrity and its vigor.

Israel was originally a Theocracy that eventually eroded into an evil monarchy where even the environment including the animal life, was adversely affected as God judged the nation for its reversionism.

This same kind of decline is evident in the USA that was founded as a republic but is presently tending to function under the demonic influence of mob rule as an evil democracy.

Human freedom and prosperity is based on spiritual freedom and prosperity this means that people with human freedom and prosperity will lose it and become slaves without maintaining spiritual freedom and prosperity.

On the other hand people without human freedom and prosperity who are slaves will gain their freedom it if they acquire spiritual freedom and prosperity.

This is what happened to the first generation of Israel. They gained their freedom from their positive volition to the Gospel but after God freed them Egypt they had no capacity for it because they were negative to doctrine so all but Caleb and Joshua ended up in dying the wilderness under divine discipline.

The principle is that God's unfailing love that is expressed in His grace always pursues the capacity created by His Word of truth. Psa 23:6; Net note 6

Hosea 4:4; NET "Yet let no one accuse or offer criticism against anyone else (as the evil self righteous social injustice activist community disorganizers do when they blame those with so called "privilege"), for my case is against the priests.

When the client nation enters into the throes of national discipline the people, who are becoming devoid of integrity, grace, and divine viewpoint begin to fragment into factions and project blame for the problems on each other.

This is the fragmentation that is occurring in our country today where people with so called "privilege" are being accused of being the source of the problem when it is actually just the opposite but almost no one understands this. Rom 3:10-18;

The failure to understand is the result of the failure of those who are responsible for communicating God's Word of truth to the people.

Failure to communicate God's Word of truth leads to a spiritually ignorant population that has bought the lie with the result that the people are unable to apply biblical problem-solving devices when they are faced with unrestrained criminality or the invasion of a predator nation.

As a result the people can only rely upon human viewpoint that is based on demonic viewpoint that in it's attempt to fix the problems created by human good and evil can only produce tyranny because their ideas actually exacerbate the situation.

This is why the 1st and 2nd amendments to the Constitution are under massive assault in our country today and most pastors say nothing.

In Israel, the Levitical priests communicated doctrine with the ritual animal sacrifices, the observance of Sabbath and Holy days, and the articles of furniture in the Temple.

The prophets In Israel were also Bible teachers but they had also become propagandized by demon doctrine to the point where they were also teaching demonic lies.

Demonic lies such as the falsehood that divine establishment principles only benefit the rich and won't work for the poor,
the lie that compromising with truth and tolerating sin and evil will bring equality and happiness ,
or that unilateral disarmament and internationalism will create universal peace and prosperity in the devil's world.

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