Class Notes: 6/10/2018

Gal 6:7; Rom 3:4; The doctrine of doctrinal orientation part 48

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Gal 6:7; Do not be deceived God will not be defied everyone will reap what they sow.

Rom 3:4; God will be proven true and all of humanity liars...

In the concluding segment of our study on doctrinal orientation we are noting some of the categories of Bible doctrine that God's Word reveals to the spirit led believer.

Last time we noted that doctrinal communication establishes a balance between the filling of the Holy Spirit and God's Word in the believer's soul that enables the advance to maturity. 1Cor 6:19; 1Cor 3:16; Eph 5:18-20;

Bible doctrine is transferred from the written page of scripture to the believer's soul when it is communicated under the ministry of God the Holy Spirit. Rom 10:17; Note the Greek word translated "word" is "rhema" that refers to the Word that is communicated.

This is the function of the teaching ministry of God the Holy Spirit that provides the grace apparatus that is necessary for spiritual perception aka " GAP or GASP" (Grace apparatus for perception or Grace apparatus for spiritual perception) 1Cor 2:14-16;

The purpose of this transfer of doctrine is to establish truth in the thinking that is the basis for capacity for blessing under God's grace policy that results in God' being praised, glorified, exalted or magnified. 2Cor 4:6-7; 1Cor 6:19-20; Phil 1:20; Phil 2:8-11;

When equilibrium between the power of doctrinal truth resident in the soul that corresponds to the power of the filling ministry of the Holy Spirit capacity for blessing is established.

The filling ministry of God the Holy Spirit establishes the potential capacity to learn God's Word and doctrinal truth in the soul establishes functional capacity to deploy God's Word into the devil's world in accord with God's objectives.

God the Holy Spirit works through God's Word so a lack of doctrine in the soul creates a demand for doctrine under the function of GASP. God the Holy Spirit's work is accomplished when doctrine is applied.

This balance of God's resident power in the believer's soul is established by learning doctrinal truth under God's policy of GASP on a daily basis.

The consistent daily perception of doctrinal truth under GASP is the sine qua non of the believer's advance to spiritual maturity. Heb 10:25; Heb 10:35-36; Heb 10:39; Col 2:6-7;

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