Class Notes: 7/18/2018

Isa 55:8-9; The doctrine of doctrinal orientation part 56

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Isa 55:8-9;"For My thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways My ways," declares the Lord.

v9 "For as the heavens are higher than the earth, So are My ways higher than your ways And My thoughts than your thoughts.

In the concluding segments of our study on doctrinal orientation we are noting some of the categories of Bible doctrine that God's Word reveals to the spirit led believer.

We are presently in Col 2:8; where believers are commanded to persist in doctrinal truth in order to maintain stability in their thinking and resist the pressure that comes from the propaganda, deceit and lies that are in accord with satan's cosmic system that are constantly being communicated by the demon mafia through the demon influenced fake news media.

Last time we noted that we oppose the lie not those who believe it so we are not to be critical of individuals but of the lies they believe. The believer must defend the truth by living it without compromise by using our own free will to choose the truth.

Most if not all ideologues have an insatiable desire to force their ideas on everyone because they arrogantly believe that their panaceas are the best for everyone especially those whom they seek to control.

Advanced believers have confidence from their relationship with God and the superior knowledge contained in God's Word of truth that establishes courage toward adversaries, toward life, and circumstances.

They recognize that there is no need to get involved in judging the opposition because that authority has been delegated to Christ. Our duty is to simply to discern the thinking and the speech of the opposition and to reject it.

God's Word provides us with precise instruction regarding this in 2Tim 2:23-26;

v23 Avoid foolish and ignorant controversies knowing they foment needless battles.

v24 The servant of the Lord must not be belligerent, but must be kind toward all, apt to teach, and patient when wronged,

v25 correcting those who oppose with grace so that perhaps God will give them a change of mind for the purpose of bringing them to the knowledge of the truth,

v26 so that they may come to their senses and be delivered out from the devil's snare that holds them captive for the purpose of executing his plan.

This passage tells us that the opposition is deceived and enslaved by satan and they will continue to be until they respond to the ministry of God the Holy Spirit. John 16:7-11;

Col 2:8; Continuously be alert that there should not be anyone carrying you off as prisoners of war through the agency of anthropocentric academic speculation and deception without content (deceptive propaganda and disinformation)...

We can see from the verses we have noted that the false communicators objective is to confuse, deceive and propagandize their audience into inverting their thinking so that they believe what is false is truth and that what is truth is false.

Another tactic the false communicators use is loud emotional rhetoric filled with buzz words that leave the impression they have said something important when have in fact said nothing.

Worthless euphemistic phrases enable them to be perceived as being smart while they avoid revealing their true objectives.

They use carefully constructed phrases and euphemisms to gain influence over a naive unsuspecting population and then parlay their influence into political power.

These are the rhetorical veils that conceal while advancing their hidden agenda. If the people understood their actual agenda they would be horrified and run away from them but since the rhetorical veils deceive them they support and ultimately convey power to their deceivers who destroy them.

These techniques that are used to change the way people think are not new. Satan used them to deceive the angels who followed him in his rebellion and he used them again in the Garden of Eden to defeat the first man and woman.

Satan's first use of propaganda against mankind is recorded in Gen 3:4; when satan spoke to the woman through the serpent and disputed the Lord's penalty for eating the forbidden fruit with the assertion, "Not dying you will die!" Net note 11

In John 8:44 Jesus identifies satan as "a liar and the inventor of lies.".

Propaganda and it's consequences are not new because the woman believed satan's lie and then influenced her husband to follow her in their rebellion against God's mandate not to eat the fruit after which they immediately found out that they had been duped. Gen 3:7;

The result was the fall, spiritual death, the creation of the sin nature, total depravity, and the status of "no hope."

The Lord provided the only hope to these problems with his proclamation of salvation through faith in His future role as Messiah, seed of the woman, who under God's grace policy would become God's sin substitute for them and their descendants.

Adam and Eve accepted God's offer resulting in their receiving God's gift of grace and mercy that provided redemption, salvation and eternal life for them and everyone else who will simply believe in Messiah. Gen 3:15,21;

But since satan had usurped command authority over planet earth from the man they and their progeny would have to live under satan's evil influence in the adversity and chaos of satan's world.

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