Class Notes: 8/12/2018

Rom 12:2; The doctrine of the cosmic system part 3

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Rom 12:2; do not be conformed to this world (satan's cosmic system), but be transformed by the renewing of your mind (renovation of your thinking), so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect.

We are engaged in a study of Satan's cosmic system that is a system of thinking that is the basis of the thinking of the entire human race in their natural soulish state apart from God in spiritual death. 1Cor 2:14;

We have noted that his cosmic system is empowered by two energy systems arrogance and hatred that operate in synergy.

Cosmic one is Satan's initial philosophy of arrogance in his rebellion against God in the prehistoric angelic conflict. Cosmic two is Satan's philosophy of hatred and opposition to God his policy of grace during human history.

We noted that the target of cosmic one is every individual person; the target for cosmic two is God's Word of truth. In cosmic one, we destroy ourselves. In cosmic two, we become antagonistic toward the various facets of truth and hate anyone who applies it.

In order for Satan to rule, he must first establish control. He does this by convincing people that demon doctrine is the truth and that God's Word is a lie. He does this by propagandizing them into believing that God's policies are impeding them. Gen 3:1-5;

This inversion of thought is the basis of the fake news because the fake news represents the truth as a lie and the lie as the truth and foments conflict between people based on some facet of their identify and special interests instead of creating unity on the basis of common goals.

He starts by creating an environment where individuals create an arrogant false self-image that is based on some facet of their identity that is divorced from the reality of God, God's Word and God's plan of grace and truth. Psa 14:1-3;

He then parlays the unrealistic unmet arrogant expectations created in cosmic one into the hatred, animosity, anger and rebellion of cosmic two.

The self induced misery that accrues from the arrogant unrealistic expectations that the arrogant unrealistic self-image creates into antagonism and hatred toward God's Word, God's plan, God's grace policy and those who hold on to the truth and unity of objective reality. Gal 4:16; 2Tim 3:12-13;

The blackout of the soul that satan's cosmic system creates opposes all positive volition to God and His Word at every decision point. James 4:4;

The cosmic system opposes divine establishment truth that provides the freedom necessary for the unbeliever to relate to God through faith in Jesus Christ.

The cosmic system opposes the Bible Doctrine that believers need to become tactically victorious and complement our Lord's strategic victory in the angelic conflict.

A brief summary of the facets of the cosmic system would include the following:

Cosmic one emphasizes self rather than God. Cosmic two emphasizes the human viewpoint of soulish psychological living and human provision instead of the divine viewpoint of living the spiritual life under God's grace provision.

Cosmic one corresponds to satan's attitude at the time of his prehistoric fall and represents satan's philosophy in the prehistoric angelic conflict when in maximum arrogance he was self-absorbed.

Cosmic one targets the self-consciousness of soul and the ego by emphasizing arrogance and preoccupation and obsession with self to the exclusion of God and others with the result that one becomes self absorbed to the point where God and objective reality are rejected and the person is self-enslaved to the lust patterns of their OSN.

Cosmic two emphasizes animosity, hatred, antagonism and rebellion against God and His plan.

Cosmic two rejects and opposes all categories of truth with the result that the individual hates everything that relates to God including Divine Establishment, the Gospel of Jesus Christ the living Word of God, and Bible doctrine, the written Word of God.

Cosmic two stresses human viewpoint over Divine viewpoint, it represents Satan's attitude when he led the woman into self deception regarding God's mandate in the garden that resulted in the historical fall of mankind.

Cosmic two is also Satan's philosophy as ruler of world after the fall of man. He is the number 1 enemy of God who is obsessed with opposing and destroying every facet of God's plan.

The person in cosmic two becomes inculcated with satan's attitude during human history and is enslaved to satan and at war with God.

A description of the production of satan's cosmic system is found in 2Tim 3:1-5; where self-absorption is ultimately parlayed into something that resembles a religion.

This is exactly what has happened to the leftist progressive internationalist utopian socialists in our country. Their religion is to save the planet by forcing everyone to comply with their utopian socialist Marxist lie.

It is interesting to note that the present middle imperative of the Greek word "apotrepo" in verse 5 translated "avoid" commands believers to completely turn away from and reject what these kinds of people have to say and have nothing to do with them. Matt 7:15; 2Thes 3:6-12; NET

Divine establishment, the indwelling of God the Holy Spirit and God's Word of truth protect the believer from satan's attack from the cosmic system.

For the unbeliever the only restraint against satan's attack is Divine establishment that is initiated by the unbeliever's orientation to legitimate authority that starts in the home with obedience to parents.

This is why there is such a heavy cosmic assault on the Divine principles of marriage and family. If you destroy marriage and the family, freedom and nationalism will eventually be destroyed.

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