Class Notes: 8/15/2018

Rom 12:2; The doctrine of the cosmic system part 4

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Rom 12:2; do not be conformed to this world (satan's cosmic system), but be transformed by the renewing of your mind (renovation of your thinking), so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect.

We are engaged in a study of Satan's cosmic system that is a system of thinking that is the basis of the thinking of the entire human race in their natural soulish state apart from God in spiritual death. 1Cor 2:14;

Last time we noted the description of the production of satan's cosmic system in 2Tim 3:1-5; where self-absorption and rejection of authority are parlayed into something that resembles an evil religion.

This is exactly what has happened with the leftist progressive internationalist utopian socialists in our country. Their religion is to try to save the planet by forcing everyone to comply with their globalist utopian socialist Marxist lies.

We noted the present middle imperative of the Greek word "apotrepo" in verse 5 translated "avoid" commands believers to completely turn away from and reject what these kinds of people have to say and have nothing to do with them. Matt 7:15; 2Thes 3:6-12; NET

Divine establishment, the indwelling of God the Holy Spirit and God's Word of truth protect the believer from satan's attack from the cosmic system.

For the unbeliever the only restraint against satan's attack is Divine establishment that is initiated by the unbeliever's orientation to legitimate authority that starts in the home with obedience to parents.

This is why there is such a heavy cosmic assault on the Divine principles of marriage and family. If you destroy marriage and the family, freedom and nationalism will eventually be destroyed.

This is what is occurring in our nation and across the entire world at this time. Satan is working toward parlaying this into an international utopian socialist religious state that he can use in his attempt to control the entire human race.

While the church remains on the earth satan's objective to establish international cosmic religious control is being restrained by the indwelling ministry of God the Holy Spirit in believers. 2Thes 2:7-12;

The unbeliever can be influenced by the cosmic system in at least three ways. Unbelievers can be demon possessed. Demon possession is defined as demon invasion into the body of an unbeliever by one or more demons but this cannot occur without the unbeliever's volitional consent.

Under Divine Establishment God protects the unbeliever's volition but under certain conditions of negative volition demons can and do enter the body of the unbeliever.

Demon possession is generally related to the emotional revolt of the soul that comes from religion, drug usage and deviant sexuality.

Demons possess so much energy that when they do indwell a human being, all sorts of neurotic and psychotic behavior are manifested. This doesn't mean the demons are inherently erratic, but their influence on the human body can be erratic.

Unbelievers can also come under demon influence. Demon influence is defined as the demon invasion of the thinking of the soul with the result that the doctrine of demons becomes the exclusive basis for decision making.

Unbelievers come under demon influence through psychological living that is defined as life without God in the status of real spiritual death. Col 1:21;

A distinction must be made between the academic subject of psychology and psychological living. Psychology is a science that is the study of the human mind. It is a systematic investigation into the phenomena of the consciousness and behavior of human beings.

On the other hand, psychological living is living according to what is in your soul. If your soul is involved in promoting such things as rejecting God's gender assignment, homosexual marriage, communism, socialism, and internationalism, God's Word of truth is excluded from your thinking.

Divine establishment protects people from these demonic evils but when Divine establishment principles wane, these evil demonic concepts, ideas and practices take over.

Psychological living is not only the lifestyle of real spiritual death, but it is the function of the thinking, motivation, decisions, and actions of those directly involved in satan's cosmic system.

All unbelievers live in the sphere of real spiritual death with the result that they are always under some influence from the cosmic system.

This influence varies greatly among unbelievers because the truth contained in God's laws of Divine Establishment protects unbelievers from the demonic lies of satan's cosmic system.

This divine protection starts with the unbeliever's attitude towards God's laws of Divine Establishment that are the only truth that an unbeliever can comprehend.

One of the quickest ways for the unbeliever to come under the influence of satan's cosmic system is to reject the legitimate authority for life that God's Word reveals in divine establishment.

The first thing the arrogance of cosmic one does is reject legitimate authority. This often starts in the home when children reject the legitimate authority of the parents. Eph 6:1-3; Exod 20:12;

Because of the indwelling of all three members of the Godhead, the believer cannot be demon possessed so the believer is not vulnerable to the demonization of the body.

However, the believer's thinking can come under demon influence. Demon influence is the invasion of the soul with satanic propaganda and the deception and lies of the doctrine of demons.

When believers prolong their residence in the cosmic system, demon influence invades the soul as described in 1Tim 4:1-5;

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