Class Notes: 8/19/2018

James 4:8 1Pet 5:6; The doctrine of the cosmic system part 5

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James 4:8; Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners; and purify your hearts, you double-minded.

1Pet 5:6; Allow yourself to be humbled under God's mighty hand so that he may promote you at the proper time.

We are in a study of Satan's cosmic system that is a system of thinking that is the basis of the thinking of the entire human race in their natural soulish state apart from God in spiritual death. 1Cor 2:14;

Last time we noted that one of the quickest ways to come under the influence of satan's cosmic system is to reject the legitimate authority for life that God's Word reveals in divine establishment.

The first thing the arrogance of cosmic one does is to reject legitimate authority. This often starts in the home when children reject the legitimate authority of the parents. Eph 6:1-3; Exod 20:12;

Because of the indwelling of all three members of the Godhead, the believer cannot be demon possessed so the believer is not vulnerable to the demonization of the body.

However, the believer's thinking can come under demon influence. Demon influence is the invasion of the soul with the fake news of satanic propaganda and the deception and lies of the doctrine of demons.

When believers prolong their residence in the cosmic system, demon influence invades the soul as described in 1Tim 4:1-5;

Demon invasion of thought affects self-consciousness, volition, and mental attitude. This explains why some believers become psychotic. James 1:8; The Greek word "dipsuchos" translated "double minded" refers to the fragmented thinking of psychosis.

Living a life without God through psychological living causes the believer to come under the influence of the cosmic system. Without doctrine believers will actually live outside of God's plan and have no experiential relationship with God even though they may think they do because of the evil production of human good.

When this occurs the believer has no experiential relationship with God but their positional relationship with God is retained because it established by God not the believer so it is irrevocable. John 10:27-29; 2Tim 2:13; Rom 11:29;

Believers have the potential of having an experiential relationship with God and participating in the plan of God. Their volition toward God's Word of truth determines if they will they take advantage of that potential or not.

This makes the issue of spiritual living versus psychological living the greatest factor in the believer's post-salvation life.

Spiritual living occurs inside God's spiritual power system aka the divine dynasphere, psychological living occurs inside satan's cosmic system so when believers make decisions based on human psychological viewpoint they are functioning under demonic influence in satan's cosmic system .

The reason we have so many problems in our country today is because too many believers in our country are living on the basis of psychological viewpoint inside satan's cosmic system so they make decisions on the same basis as unbelievers with terrible consequences. Gal 6:7-8;

God's Word warns believers against thinking on the basis of the cosmic viewpoint of demon doctrine of unbelievers.

1John 2:15-16; Stop loving the kosmos (cosmic one) or anything related to it. If anyone keeps loving the kosmos (cosmic one), the love of the Father (personal love for God) is not in Him.

v16 Because all that is in the kosmos (cosmic one) - the lust of the flesh (old sin nature controlling soul), and the lust of the eyes (motivational arrogance), and the arrogant pattern of life (functional arrogance) - is not from the Father but from the kosmos.

Satan has also provided a counterfeit communion table for the cosmic system that is designed to lure believers away from functioning under the ministry of God the Holy Spirit, and to distract the believer away from the execution of God's protocol plan.

1Cor 10:21, You (believers) cannot drink the cup of the Lord (Eucharist) and the cup of demons (cosmic system, especially cosmic one). You cannot partake of the table of the Lord (The Eucharist as the only ritual for the Church Age) and the table of demons (demon influence and psychological living in cosmic system).

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