Class Notes: 9/5/2018

James 4:6b; The doctrine of the cosmic system part 10

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James 4:6b; "God makes war against the arrogant cosmic believer but gives grace to the humble spiritual believer..."

We are in a study of Satan's cosmic system that is a system of thinking that is the basis of the thinking of the entire human race that is comprised of lies and deceit in their natural soulish state apart from God in spiritual death. 1Cor 2:14;

We were noting 1Pet 5:1-11; that describes the function of the local assembly for the purpose of the communication of God's Word of truth. The first four verses address the pastor; the remaining seven address the congregation.

Last time we stopped in verse 3: "Not lording it over those entrusted to you, but being a pattern (a model or example) of spiritual momentum through your consistent perception, metabolization and teaching of Bible doctrine to those who gather in the local assembly."

The pattern is related to doctrine and nothing else. Everyone including pastors has their own areas of weakness. The pastor's responsibility is to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through the study and communication of God's Word of truth. 2Pet 3:18;

Remember it's not the man it's the message. People fail but God's Word of Truth does not. All communicators of doctrine fail but the doctrine never fails. Believers are commanded to always focus on the message never the man. Matt 7:17-20;

1Pet 5:4; "And when the Chief Shepherd appears (Exit Resurrection), you will receive the crown of glory that will never fade away."

The crown of glory is a reward for pastors. No one advances to spiritual maturity or glorifies God without learning from a man with the gift of pastor-teacher who communicates the necessary information.

Believers cannot advance in God's protocol plan by themselves they must receive the information regarding God's protocol from a man with the spiritual gift of pastor-teacher under the teaching ministry of God the Holy Spirit.

v5, "Likewise, you members of the congregation, (Net note 8) be subordinate to the authority of the pastor-elder. Clothe yourselves with humility toward each other, because, `God makes war against the arrogant but He gives grace to the humble.'"

This not only refers to individual humility, that means objectivity from grace orientation, doctrinal orientation and authority orientation. It also refers to having humility among those in the assembled congregation.

Without humility there is arrogance that is comprised of judging, gossip, hatred maligning, antagonism, bitterness, vindictiveness and implacability that destroys the relaxed environment and objectivity that is necessary to learn Bible doctrine under the ministry of God the Holy Spirit.

1Pet 5:6; "Therefore, allow yourselves to be humbled under the powerful hand of God, so that He may exalt you at the proper time."

The powerful hand of God is the omnipotence of God the Father who provides the believer's portfolio of invisible assets, the omnipotence of Jesus Christ that provides for the perpetuation of human history, and the omnipotence of the Holy Spirit who enables the believer's spiritual life in the divine dynasphere.

Permitting yourself to be humbled under this omnipotence is what creates the mental environment that is necessary for the cognitive renovation that is required for spiritual growth and development after salvation.

Spiritual advance is impossible without application of doctrine (faith) under enforced and genuine humility inside God's spiritual power system.

The proper time is related to capacity. It is when you have acquired cognitive capacity from doctrine to have the divine viewpoint that corresponds to spiritual self- esteem, spiritual autonomy, or spiritual maturity.

If God doesn't promote you, you are not really promoted because achievement belongs to God and believers who understand God's grace protocol are happy because they are thankful and content to wait on God's timing. Phil 4:11-13; Col 3:17; Isa 40:31;

We allow ourselves to be humbled under God's mighty hand so that we can be promoted at the proper time by....

1Pet 5:7; " throwing all of our cares on Him (a function of faith-rest) because He cares for you."

Like rebound, faith-rest is a trans-dispensational problem-solving device so it is functional in the protocol plan of God for the church just like it was during the ritual plan of God for Israel.

A good translation of the Greek word "epirrhipto" that is translated "cast" in most translations is "throw". Net note 12

v8, "Be alert (doctrinal awareness from spiritual self-esteem). Your enemy, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour (by means of the cosmic system)."

v9, "Resist him, standing firm in the doctrine, because you know that your fellow Christians throughout the world are experiencing the same kind of suffering."

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