Class Notes: 9/19/2018

John 12:46; The doctrine of the cosmic system part 13

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John 12:46; I have come as light into the world so that everyone who believes in Me will not remain in darkness.

We are in a study of Satan's cosmic system that is a system of thinking that is the basis of the thinking of the entire human race that is comprised of lies and deceit in their natural soulish state apart from God in the darkness of spiritual death. 1Cor 2:14;

Last time we noted that believers need to face the truth of the realities of life. God's Word gives the believer in Jesus Christ the ability to recognize things as they really are, and enables them to avoid distortions to reality that arise from the darkness of the arrogance of ignorance.

Arrogance is a real or imagined sense of superiority that distorts life and the true status of human inability and frailty that results in presumptuous self-righteousness that leads to the establishment of an incorrect false sense of destiny.

Arrogance is the most basic motivational sin of human life. It is the foundation for all personal sins, human good, evil, and the source of both moral and immoral degeneracy.

Arrogance works like the pin of a grenade that when pulled from the grenade and the grenade released, blows up into fragments.

Like an exploding grenade, arrogance creates an inconsistent fragmented system of life. No person can be consistent when functioning on the basis of the arrogance of cosmic one.

Arrogance divorces the believer from the realities of life including but not limited to personal, historical, and spiritual realities. Arrogant thinking results in irrationality and locked-in arrogance results in psychotic, neurotic, and psychopathic behavior.

Arrogance produces inconsistencies that the arrogant person can't perceive. It also produces wide emotional swings from self-righteousness to self-pity and the return oscillation from self-pity to self-righteousness. People who are arrogant are therefore unstable, inconsistent, and implacable and can never find reality.

Arrogance is vulnerable to flattery and easily deceived with the result that it becomes motivation for both inordinate ambition and competition.

In a believer, arrogance creates a lust for ascendancy in life destroying the right priorities in the Christian way of life replacing them with a false scale of values from human viewpoint.

Arrogance establishes false goals in life. It emphasizes self and other people to the exclusion of God. When arrogance emphasizes lust for power, there is conspiracy, revenge, and the motivation of bitterness and implacability that becomes a tragic flaw that neutralizes any beauty, genius, ability, and capacity that the person may possess.

Arrogance gives a false perspective of life that results in an attempt to acquire happiness without the proper application of doctrine. Arrogance pursues happiness apart from capacity for happiness that can only be acquired from doctrine.

When the believer is functioning in the disillusionment and unhappiness of the cosmic system the only way true happiness can be reacquired is by using rebound followed by persistent doctrinal inculcation under the ministry of God the Holy Spirit. Jer 15:16; Luke 11:28; YLT

The arrogance of cosmic one creates a fragmented system thinking that results in duplicity, inconsistency and hypocrisy. The arrogant person doesn't recognize it because their self-absorption limits their ability to perceive their own duplicity, inconsistency and hypocrisy.

This self-absorption prevents them from seeing the reality of their own duplicity, hypocrisy and instability. Only believers with doctrine or unbelievers with divine establishment can escape the self-induced trap of self-absorption.

A distinction must be made between arrogance and ego. Arrogance is sin. Ego is the normal, the function of the self-consciousness of the soul. When related to Bible doctrine, ego always provides a true and accurate sense one's of personal destiny.

Arrogance is not ego it is self-centered egocentricity that becomes subjective because of preoccupation with self. Egotism is comprised of the subjectivity of arrogance rather than objectivity of humility.

Some believers become arrogant because of pseudo-achievement but since all true achievement belongs to God, when God provides achievement under His protocol plan He also provides capacity for it.

Along with all of the accoutrements of achievement including promotion and prosperity God provides the problem-solving device of the happiness of God (+H).

The only escape from the cosmic system is through rebound and the subsequent execution of the protocol plan of God. That's the only way that the tragic flaw of arrogance can be defeated. This recovery process can take awhile for those who have been developing their tragic flaw of arrogance by living inside cosmic one for years.

In the grenade analogy, arrogance is the pin in the grenade. The arrogant person uses their volition to in pull the pin of the grenade by reacting to some temptation with an arrogant decision.

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