Class Notes: 10/28/2018

1Pet 2:16; The doctrine of the cosmic system part 18

1Pet 2:16; As free people stop using your freedom as a cover for evil but as slaves of God.

We are in a study of Satan's cosmic system that is a system of thinking that is the basis of the thinking of the entire human race that is comprised of lies and deceit apart from God in the darkness of spiritual death in their natural soulish state in satan's cosmic system. 1Cor 2:14;

Last time we noted that everyone's OSN has an area of strength where there is no temptation to succumb to the temptation to sin and everyone has an area of weakness where there is a tendency to succumb to the temptation to sin.

The area of strength produces the evil of human good and dead works. The area of weakness produces the evil of sinfulness and fragmentation of life. The sin nature trends determine what categories of fragmentation will occur in one's life.

The trends toward legalism, asceticism and self-righteousness produce a sphere of fragmentation that leads to moral degeneracy. 2Tim 3:5;

The trends toward unrestrained lasciviousness and lawlessness produce a sphere of fragmentation that leads to immoral degeneracy. 2Tim 3:1-4;

In the cosmic system moral degeneracy and immoral degeneracy are at war with each other and both are at war with God's policy of grace and truth.

The trends of the sin nature result in two tragic flaws .The tragic flaw of self-righteous arrogance that results in legalism and asceticism and contends that believers who commit sins related to amoral lasciviousness and lawlessness are not really saved and they go on to allege that morality must be added to faith in Christ as evidence of salvation.

Believers with the tragic flaw of unrestrained lasciviousness and lawlessness associate the slander, maligning, judging, and criticism that they receive from the self-righteous moralizing ascetic legalists with the truth of Bible doctrine and they react to and reject Bible doctrine out of hand with the result that they never learn about God's grace policy.

In the royal family of God that comprises the church individual fragmentation leads to polarization and group fragmentation that results in national fragmentation.

This polarization destroys experiential unity in Church because both the self-righteous legalistic arrogance of morality and the libertine antinomian arrogance of immorality reject God's Word of truth and God's grace policy.

Disintegration from polar fragmentation is how satan weakens the nations and ultimately destroys the nations. Isa 14:12;

The sin nature is the source of lust and temptation, but the sin nature cannot make you sin. Sin occurs when the believer uses their volition to follow through with the temptation.

The believer can say yes or no to any temptation, depending upon whether it comes from his area of strength or area of weakness. If he says yes to the temptation the result is sin.

After salvation believers continue possess a sin nature and to use their volition to choose to sin. Some of the worst sinners in history have been believers because, for believers to commit sin, they must break through more barriers of restraint.

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