Class Notes: 10/31/2018

Eph 6:13; The doctrine of the cosmic system part 19

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Eph 6:13; Therefore, take up the full armor of God, so that you will be able to resist in the evil day, and having done everything, to hold your ground. Net note 27

Last time we were noting the polarized fragmentation that occurs from pulling the pin of arrogance and coming under OSN control of the soul.

We noted that believers with the tragic flaw of unrestrained lasciviousness and lawlessness associate the slander, maligning, judging, and criticism that they receive from the self-righteous moralizing ascetic legalists with the truth of Bible doctrine and they react to and reject Bible doctrine out of hand with the result that they never learn about God's grace policy.

In the church that is comprised of individual members of the royal family of God, individual fragmentation leads to polarization and group fragmentation that results in national fragmentation under the principle of as goes the believer so goes the client nation.

This polarization destroys experiential unity in church because both the self-righteous legalistic arrogance of morality and the libertine antinomian arrogance of immorality reject God's grace policy and God's Word of truth.

Disintegration from polar fragmentation is how satan weakens the nations from the inside with the result that the nation can be destroyed from the outside. Isa 14:12;

The sin nature is the source of lust and temptation, but the sin nature cannot make you sin. Sin occurs when the believer uses their volition to follow through with the temptation.

The believer can say yes or no to any temptation regardless of whether it comes from the area of strength or area of weakness. If the believer says yes to the temptation and follows through with it the result is sin.

After salvation believers continue possess a sin nature and to use their volition to choose to sin. Some of the worst sinners in history have been believers because, for believers to commit sin, they must first break through more barriers of spiritual restraint.

This means they when they actually do sin they have more momentum to persist in their sinning so their mental attitude sins cause more damage than the overt sins of unbelievers.

Prov 6:16-19; describes the most damaging sins.

Society only provides a thin veneer of restraint. The restraint of the law is a little stronger but once you learn some doctrine the restraining ministry of the Spirit is the strongest of all.

This means that believers must break through more barriers of restraint in order for their thinking to become disintegrated.

In 1John 1:8; God's Word; reveals to us that after we are saved we continue to possess the old sin nature. "If we say (contend, maintain, assert) that we have no sin (nature), we deceive ourselves, and doctrinal truth is not in us."

1John 1:10; "If we say (contend, maintain, assert) that we have not sinned (after salvation), we make Him a liar and His doctrinal truth is not in us." Since believers continue to possess the old sin nature after salvation they are walking grenades ready to explode and commit sin.

However the believer can pull the pin of the grenade and enter into sin by using their volition to choose to do so. Being tempted by the sin nature is not sin; only when volition pulls the pin of the grenade does the believer commit sin.

This is why God provided the first problem-solving device of acknowledging sin for the believer to recover from the fragmentation and disintegration created by sin nature control of the thinking. 1John 1:9;

The pin of the grenade is always related to some form of arrogance. The manifestations of arrogance include jealousy, bitterness, hatred, vindictiveness, implacability, self-pity, self-righteous arrogance, motivational and functional revenge, slander, maligning, gossip, and judging others.

Once fragmented one's decisions in life move in the direction of the individual's sin nature trends. If their trend is toward moral self-righteous arrogance and legalism, the fragments of the life include slander, gossip, maligning, judging, and Christian activism.

If their trend is toward lasciviousness and lawlessness, the trend is toward sexual sins, substance abuse, and criminality.

The trend toward self-righteousness and legalism produces judging and heresies including the false idea that a person cannot commit overt sins and still be a Christian.

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