Class Notes: 11/7/2018

Psa 76:10; 2Cor 13:8; 1Cor 15:33-34; The doctrine of the cosmic system part 21

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Psa 76:10; The wrath of man shall praise you....

2Cor 13:8; For we can do nothing against the truth but only for the truth...

1Cor 15:33-34; Do not be deceived: bad company corrupts good morals. Be sober as you should be and stop sinning because some have no knowledge of God. I say this to your shame!

We are in a study of Satan's cosmic system that is a system of demonic thinking has become the basis of the thinking of the entire human race since the fall in the Garden of Eden that apart from God in the darkness of spiritual death is comprised of the lies and deceit of arrogance. 1Cor 2:14;

Last time we noted the mandate in Eph 4:31-32; NET to recover from fragmentation because bitterness is one of the worst forms of arrogance that creates fragmentation and OSN control of the soul.

v31 You must put away every kind of bitterness, anger, wrath, quarreling, and evil, slanderous talk.

v32 Instead, be kind to one another, compassionate, forgiving one another, just as God through Christ has forgiven you.

Arrogance produces flaws that left unchecked become hang-ups that when left unchecked result in syndromes. Arrogance has so many facets and is so insidious that we often don't even recognize when we are arrogant.

A hang-up is an arrogant obstacle to normal living. Hang-ups come from some factor in our life that is either very advantageous or very disadvantageous.

Satan's cosmic system combines these advantages or disadvantages with arrogance to create hang-ups. A good example of this is the allegation of "white privilege." that as we have noted is really the Christian privilege that results from being a member of God's Royal Family without regard to one's gender, race, or socio-economic status.

When people have advantages and don't understand the true source of the advantage satan's cosmic system uses arrogance to create an emotional sin of guilt in the person with the advantage.

On the other side, satan's cosmic system combines arrogance with disadvantages to create sins of jealousy, bitterness, and implacability in the person with the disadvantage.

The only solution to individual advantages or disadvantages is grace orientation. 1Cor 15:3-10;

These hang-ups create areas of hypersensitivity that can become a vulnerability to the formations of syndromes. Syndromes related to arrogance result in the development of neurotic, psychotic, or psychopathic insanity.

It all begins with an area of hypersensitivity that is vulnerable to activating a flaw. When an area of weakness causes us to become emotionally hurt arrogance creates the potential to develop hypersensitivity.

Hypersensitivity doesn't necessarily mean you will fail, but it does mean that you are vulnerable to failing. If hypersensitivity is not checked by divine viewpoint thinking from metabolized doctrine it will become a flaw, then a hang-up, and if it becomes chronic, a syndrome.

Chronic negative volition to the reality of God's Word of truth is why the so-called "progressive" social democrats are so irrational.

Motivational arrogance is like a pin in a grenade. Once the pin is pulled, the grenade will blow. When it detonates, it fragments with the result that the believer enters into the arrogance category of satan's cosmic system that we refer to as "cosmic one" because it was the basis of satan's fall. Isa 14:13-14;

This means that to avoid pulling the pin, believers need to recognize arrogance in all of its forms, and rebound quickly. Otherwise, fragmentation into the cosmic system will shatter their spiritual life because their reaction from motivational arrogance that is comprised of mental attitude sins shatters their spiritual life.

Every believer is a walking spiritual grenade and if and when the arrogance pin is there is a spiritual explosion resulting in fragmentation of the spiritual life.

Motivational arrogance occurs when the believer decides to commit an arrogance sin in any of its multifaceted forms. Once motivational arrogance occurs through involvement in cosmic one all of the evil motivation and abnormal Christian behavior has a logical doctrinal explanation.

The abnormal born-again Christian does not lose their eternal life or their salvation, but their temporal life in time on the earth is fragmented.

Scripture refers to this fragmentation as "grieving the Holy Spirit." This is where spiritual entropy begins because the believer is no longer listening to God even though they may deceive themselves into thinking that they are because they are deceived by satan and producing the evil of human good. Gen 3:4-8; 1Tim 2:14; Net note 23

Motivational arrogance pulls the pin detonating the arrogance grenade with the result that the believer enters into the miserable life of OSN control of the soul and cosmic death.

The fragments of the grenade are classified as cosmic involvement, resulting in living in satan's cosmic system under OSN control of the soul producing the evil of human good.

The cosmic believer has not lost their salvation, but the fragments of the arrogance grenade prevent the fulfillment of God's plan, purpose, and will for their life under His grace policy.

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