Class Notes: 12/5/2018

1Pet 2:16; The doctrine of the cosmic system part 25

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1Pet 2:16; Live as free people do not use your freedom as a veil for evil but as slaves of God. Net notes 38 and 39

We are presently in a study of satan's cosmic that is a system of demonic thinking that has become the basis of the thinking of the entire human race since the fall in the Garden of Eden separated from God in the darkness of spiritual death that is comprised of the lies and deceit of arrogance. 1Cor 2:14; Rev 12:9;

Last time we noted that a believer cannot be focused on the sins and failures of others and at the same time execute God's protocol plan.

Arrogance causes believers to use their own volition to pull the pin and fragment their own life. Since we do it to ourselves, we must take the responsibility for it.

That's why volitional choice to acknowledge the sin to God and forget it is the only remedy. 1John 1:9; Phil 3:13-14; Rom 4:3-8;

The fragmentation of arrogance explains the frenetic reflex motility of Christian activism, legalism, self-righteousness, conspiracy, unrealistic expectation, role model arrogance, gossip, maligning, slander, lying, the harshness of morality, the self-indulgent permissiveness of antinomianism, and many other things.

Fragmentation explains how a person can love children and at the same time be cruel to them and to other people. Fragmentation explains everyone's inconsistencies.

1John 1:8-10; "If we say that we have no sins, we are deceiving ourselves, and the truth (doctrine) is not in us." We only deceive ourselves, not anyone else.

v9 If we acknowledge (admit, cite, name, confess) our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

v10 If we say that we have not sinned, we make God a liar (we reject His Word of Truth), and His Word (of Truth) is not in us."

If there is no recovery after the pin of the grenade is pulled the believer continues to reside in the arrogance complex of cosmic one. In the cosmic system there is no system of sinning that a believer cannot become involved in.

The pin of the grenade is pulled by the believer's own free volition, not someone else's. Even when the sin is a reaction to someone else' sin or failure the believer's volitional arrogance is what pulls the pin.

Once motivational arrogance occurs through involvement in the cosmic system, all the evil motivation and abnormal behavior a born- again Christian does has a logical and doctrinal explanation.

Abnormal born-again Christians cannot lose their salvation, but they are a living contradiction because they are living in a fragmented status quo on the earth in the devil's world.

Motivational arrogance pulls the pin and detonating the arrogance grenade. The fragmentation of the grenade results in OSN control of the soul aka "carnality" and cosmic involvement resulting in the production of personal sin and reversionism.

The fragments of the arrogance grenade shatter fellowship with God. They cause the believer to reject God's grace policy with the result that the believer becomes a disciple of the devil.

Believers can become psychopathic and become involved in every kind of deviant destructive amoral behavior when they enter into satan's cosmic system from the fragmentation of the arrogance grenade.

The believer's own free volition pulls the pin that detonates the grenade. Everyone must take personal responsibility for the function their own free volition.

When the pin is pulled we do it to ourselves with the result that we fragment our own life. None of us can blame someone else because we do it to ourselves.

At one time or another all believers get caught in this arrogance trap. When we do, we cannot blame our parents, spouse, friends, boss, or anything or anyone else. If we do not take the responsibility for motivational arrogance we take taken the first step toward unreality.

If you blame someone else in addition to not taking responsibility, you may postpone the application of the rebound technique that results in continuing to reside in the cosmic system and spending more time fragmenting your life.

When believers believe false doctrine it creates subtle forms of arrogance that distort the Christian spiritual life from the false perspective that is created by believing false doctrine.

The arrogant believer who rejects the doctrine of eternal security thinks that he can do something to lose his salvation. He assumes that his sins and failures are greater than the saving work of Christ on the cross and the forty grace gifts received from God at salvation.

This false perspective takes the believer a step toward unreality because they think their activity keeps them saved instead of understanding that it is God who keeps them saved.

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