Class Notes: 12/19/2018

Rom 12:2-3; The doctrine of the cosmic system part 29

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Rom 12:2-3; Stop being conformed to the pattern of this present age but instead be transformed by the renovation of your thinking with the result that you will be able to determine by means of testing the will of God that which is good, well pleasing and mature.

v3 On the basis of the grace given to me I say to everyone not to think in terms of arrogance but instead to think rationally in accord with the standard of reference for thinking that God has provided.

We are presently in a study of satan's cosmic that is a system of demonic thinking that has become the basis of the thinking of the entire human race since the fall in the Garden of Eden separated from God in the darkness of spiritual death that is comprised of the lies and deceit of demonic arrogance. 1Cor 2:14; Rev 12:9;

Last time we noted that legalism is a distraction from the Christian life. Legalistic judging, maligning, and slandering of other believers is the function of self-righteousness developed from the moral arrogance of polarized fragmentation.

We noted that judging others is blasphemy, because it interferes with the disciplinary function and grace policy of Jesus Christ that comes from the application of the problem solving devices starting with rebound.

This is why judging another believer brings censure from God.
Matt 7:1-2; "Judge not, that you be not judged.

v2 For the manner in which you judge, you will be judged. And by what measure you measure out judgment, it will be measured back to you."

When believers make the decision to live in the cosmic system they take on the entire arrogance complex with the result they become preoccupied with the unhappiness of inordinate ambition and competition in the devil's world, instead of the happiness of God and occupation with Christ.

In the arrogance complex believers attempt to prove that they are superior to others. Instead of occupation with the person of Christ they are self-absorbed and they become hypersensitive about the opinions of others with the result that they become very susceptible to self-deception and hypocrisy.

Not only is arrogance their way of life, but it also becomes their motivation in life. They are motivated to strive for achievement and success on the basis of human good works instead of from developing capacity from doctrine and waiting to receive promotion from God on the basis of His grace policy in His time. 1Pet 5:6;

Achievement arrogance results in decisions being made from a position of weakness. The happiness that is based on confidence in God's faithfulness in providing logistical grace along with a personal sense of destiny from the spiritual life inside the divine dynasphere is exchanged for the uncertainty of decisions made from a position of weakness of the cosmic life inside the chaos of satan's cosmic system.

These decisions include the attempt to transcend, to outdo, to surpass, to succeed, and to gain the ascendancy in order to achieve in the arrogance and futility of satan's cosmic system. Eph 4:17-19;

Arrogance is never content so it quickly moves from being simply being competitive to becoming lustful, jealous, envious and implacable.

The cosmic believer's unrealistic arrogant lust for promotion and success destroys the true scale of values that can only be established on the basis of the grace and humility from the standard of thinking that God's Word of truth reveals.

The arrogant believer's desire to outdo his contemporaries and succeed destroys his sense of destiny related to the protocol plan of God.

The arrogant desire to achieve and attain greater success than their contemporaries becomes the bumpy road to uncertain fame filled with unhappiness and discontentment from disillusionment from failure to fulfill unrealistic expectations.

While their success may lead to the fame that was lusted for, or marrying the person who was lusted for, or getting whatever else was lusted for, the acquisition of these things only intensifies their frustration and misery.

On the other hand the function of humility inside the divine dynasphere opens up many options. The humble believer not only does his job as unto the Lord, but he possesses daily happiness even when doing a tough job under adverse circumstances because he has a personal sense of destiny.

This believer performs his job as unto the Lord for the purpose of glorifying God not for the purpose of getting ahead and leaves achievement and promotion to the Lord. He does his job not to ingratiate himself with his boss or others, but to glorify the Lord in all that he does. Eccles 9:10; Col 3:23-24;

Humble believers operate under the principle that if God doesn't promote you, you're not really promoted.

Most sins are related to arrogance so this means that arrogance is the greatest problem for believers because it prevents more believers from growing in grace than anything else.

The problem is that because arrogance is the basis of the entire cosmic system it can be manifested in may different ways some of which are not very obvious. Every form of evil, human good, and sin has its basis in arrogance.

Arrogance distorts one's scale of values with the result that every decision made from arrogance is made from a position of weakness. Arrogance not only rejects divine establishment and doctrine, but also becomes a distraction from the grace policy, plan and provision that is revealed in God's Word of truth.

Arrogance not only rejects the perception and application of doctrine for one's self but it also opposes doctrine for others. Arrogance also opposes spiritual momentum that comes from the application of doctrine.

In cosmic one, the arrogant believer doesn't have time for doctrine because he has more important things to do to achieve his objectives. Arrogant people do not hate doctrine they just have another plan that is not based on the provision of God's grace policy.

Open opposition to doctrine that is characterized by antagonism and hatred for doctrine occurs in cosmic two that starts when the arrogance of cosmic 1 causes the believer to become jealous, angry, bitter and implacable from their disillusion and disappointment from failure to achieve their arrogant unrealistic expectations.

Left unchecked by rebound and the recovery of the objectivity of humility the disappointed believer's self-justification, denial and projection of blame away from themselves leads to the antagonism and hatred complex of cosmic 2 arrogance.

No matter how smart, the person is, the human mind is totally helpless without doctrine. When that state of helplessness rejects doctrinal truth a vacuum is formed that sucks alternative points of view into the human mind. Those alternative points of view are always based on demonic viewpoint. 1Tim 4:1-2;

Everyone believes something the question is it truth? The issue is: is what is believed the truth from God's Word of truth or is it comprised of the satanic lies and fake news of demon doctrine. Matt 7:13-14;

The natural state of the human mind without Bible doctrine, without truth in the three categories of Establishment, the Gospel, and Bible Doctrine is helplessness and uselessness that leads to discontentment and unhappiness.

Apart from the ministry of God the Holy Spirit arrogance blinds the thinking of the human mind that results in God's Word of truth being rejected. With no reception or retention of doctrine there is no doctrine available for recall and application. 2Cor 4:3-4; 1Pet 5:8-9;

Arrogance divorces the believer from both personal and historical reality in life. The longer one remains in the cosmic system, the closer he comes to becoming neurotic and psychotic.

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