Class Notes: 1/20/2019

Isa 26:3-4 Isa 28:16; Matt 11:28-30; The doctrine of the cosmic system part 36

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Isa 26:3-4; You will keep the one whose mind is focused on you in perfect peace, because he trusts in You.

v4 Trust in the Lord forever because in the Lord is an everlasting protector.

Isa 28:16;Therefore thus says the Lord God, "Behold, I am laying in Zion a stone, a tested stone, A costly cornerstone for the foundation, firmly placed. Those who believe in it will never panic.

Matt 11:28-30; "Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.

v29 "Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.

v30 "For My yoke is easy and My burden is light."

We are presently in a study of satan's cosmic system that is a system of arrogant demonic thinking that is comprised of the lies and deceit from demonic viewpoint that since the fall in the Garden of Eden, apart from God in the darkness of spiritual death that has become the basis of the thinking of the entire human race. 1Cor 2:14; Rev 12:9;

Last time we noted that doctrine can be rejected in the reception or gnosis stage when arrogance rejects doctrine when it is received and understood academically because of failure to be consistent in the daily exposure to Bible teaching.

Arrogant distortion at the reception stage is caused by lack of concentration or objective humility. Arrogant subjectivity also twists, distorts and misuses doctrine in an attempt to achieve its own objectives.

In the retention or epignosis stage arrogance rejects doctrine by discarding it before it is retained. In this case arrogance spits out true spiritual food. Retention is the ability to remember and recall gnosis doctrine that has been converted into epignosis or spirit taught doctrine.

Humility creates objectivity that combined with positive volition metabolizes doctrine by means of the omnipotent power of the teaching ministry of God the Holy Spirit.

Arrogant subjectivity attacks the metabolization stage by trying to make doctrine its servant instead of its master.

In the application or wisdom stage, arrogance rejects doctrine when it is recalled by failing to apply metabolized doctrine to experience through the grace protocol of the ten problem solving devices of God's protocol plan.

Arrogance attacks this stage through self-deception by using the metabolized doctrine that is recalled as a basis for self-righteousness or self-justification.

Spiritual advance occurs when doctrine is retained or when doctrine is recalled and applied under the ministry of God the Holy Spirit when the circumstances of life require it.

Direct growth comes from retention, or epignosis in the soul. But recall and application of doctrine as wisdom is also a means of growth, because when a momentum test is passed by the application of recalled doctrine spiritual advance is accelerated.

Fragmentation can cause those who listen to doctrine to reject it, those who understand doctrine to deny its efficacy and power, and those who recall doctrine to refuse to apply it.

The fact that God provides equal privilege and equal opportunity to learn His Word means that no one has any excuse to be ignorant of these principles.

A person who is ignorant of Bible doctrine has no capacity to deal with adversity or prosperity. The choice to reject God's Word is the choice to remain in ignorance that leaves no option but to function in the arrogance of satan's cosmic system.

God's Word is truth John 17:17; but you have to know truth to apply truth so if you are ignorant of truth, you cannot apply truth. This means that the spiritual renovation of the thinking that is necessary for advance in the spiritual life is predicated on the cognition of doctrine.

A major distraction to this process is self-absorption. Even though one may allege that he wants to learn Bible doctrine, preoccupation with self results in lacking the consistency and objectivity that are required for understanding the principles and concepts one needs to know in order to learn and execute God's plan, will and, purpose for life.

The reception stage includes finding the right pastor who consistently communicates doctrine on the basis of verse-by-verse teaching under the principle of line upon line, precept upon precept. Isa 28:13;

Consistent if not daily exposure to Bible teaching either through attendance in a local assembly where doctrine is taught live face-to-face or through a consistent program of non-face-to-face teaching, using telecommunications technology including audio, video, radio, television or the printed word is required.

The reception stage also requires positive volition toward doctrine. This means doctrine has to be the highest priority in your life and nothing can be allowed to take precedence over it. Job 23:12; Matt 4:4; Jer 15:16;

Reception requires concentration and the avoidance of distractions, whether they are from your own thinking or from others.

Reception requires functioning in God's spiritual power system under the ministry of God the Holy Spirit where the Holy Spirit teaches Bible doctrine as it is communicated by the pastor.

Doctrinal communication always includes authority because no one can learn doctrine on his own. God has specifically established the spiritual gift of pastor-teacher to communicate His Word for the purpose of building up the local assembly that is comprised the members of Christ's spiritual body. Eph 4:11-13;

Retention, the second stage, is the spiritual function of converting gnosis or academic doctrine that has been received in the left lobe of the soul into epignosis or metabolized doctrine that is understood in the right lobe of the soul.

This is the function of positive volition under the teaching ministry of God the Holy Spirit. Only metabolized doctrine provides the spiritual growth and momentum that is required to execute God's plan, will, and purpose for your life.

God is the exclusive source of the power for the spiritual life so all spiritual activity requires the spiritual power provided by God's Word that is received, metabolized, recalled, and applied under the ministry of God the Holy Spirit.

Recall of doctrine under the ministry of God the Holy Spirit is the application of metabolized doctrine to the various circumstances of life.

Recall is the practical use of doctrine. It is everything that contributes to the function of spiritual growth, the understanding and fulfillment of God's plan by deploying all of the assets necessary to meet both adversity and prosperity, and in the process maintain the same perfect happiness and contentment from the ultimate problem solving device, in all antithetical circumstances.

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