Class Notes: 3/10/2019

Exod 20:5; The doctrine of the cosmic system part 50

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Exod 20:5; ..." I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children, on the third and the fourth generations of those who hate Me,

We are presently in a study of satan's cosmic system that is a system of arrogant demonic thinking that is comprised of the lies and deceit from demonic viewpoint that since the fall in the Garden of Eden, apart from God in the darkness of spiritual death has become the basis of the thinking of the entire human race. 1Cor 2:14; Rev 12:9;

When we stopped last time we were noting Christian service arrogance aka works arrogance. We noted that the believer's Christian service can function on the basis of their spiritual gift, their royal priesthood, their royal ambassadorship or the laws of divine establishment.

Believers who are residing in satan's cosmic system in the various stages of reversionism operate on the basis of the arrogance of Christian service.

Christian service performed inside God's spiritual power system under the filling and mentorship of the Spirit is legitimate with the result that it is rewarded at the Judgment Seat of Christ.

To be effective, all Christian service must be related to humility. Remember humility is the synergy created by grace orientation, doctrinal orientation, and orientation to legitimate authority.

This is compatible with the filling ministry of the Spirit combined with the principle that freedom can only be established on the basis of truth that is established by God's authority.

This means that a right thing must be done in the right way for the right reason at the right time to be right.

Humility can only be maintained through the viewpoint adjustments that come from consistent daily perception of God's Word of truth that is contained in Bible doctrine.

God's word classifies Christian service performed inside satan's cosmic system as wood, hay, and straw in 1Cor 3:12; This is Christian service that God does not accept because it was done in a wrong way so it will be burned at the Judgment Seat of Christ.

This tells us that the believer must know exactly how to properly do what they are going to do before they do it. Under this principle the believer must learn how to serve before they begin to serve.

This also means that Christian service is most effective when the believer has momentum from doctrine and is functioning in the objective humility of spiritual adulthood.

Christian service from one's spiritual gift may even be effective when out of fellowship and living in the cosmic system but only because God honors the gift, not the person.

Christian service is no substitute for momentum from doctrine and Christian service does not fulfill God's plan. Believers only advance spiritually and fulfill God's plan by the perception, metabolization and application of doctrine under the ministry of God the Holy Spirit.

Because of this Christian service should never be considered to be spirituality.

Christian service is a legitimate function in the protocol plan of God, but always as a result of spirituality, never as the means. Believers are not spiritual or mature because of their Christian service.

Believers are spiritual because they are filled with the spirit and they are mature because they have objective humility from God's Word of truth.

Christian service is never a substitute for momentum in the protocol plan of God and the resultant glorification of God from the application of His Word under the ministry of God the Holy Spirit.

This means that it is imperative for believers to understand that Christian service is always the result of momentum and spiritual growth in the protocol plan of God, never the means.

Christian service therefore must never be confused with spirituality or the filling ministry of the Spirit.

Arrogance, on the other hand, destroys the true priorities of God's protocol plan and substitutes human works for the filling of the spirit and the application of doctrine.

The fragmented life can produce a huge amount of Christian service production, but because it is motivated by the arrogance of some mental attitude sin such as guilt or fear or power lust that are not in compliance with God's grace policy so He rejects it all.

1Cor 3:11-15; explains that there are two categories of Christian service production described as "gold, silver, and precious stones and "wood, hay, and straw."

These categories refer to Christian service that is produced when the believer is functioning under God's grace policy inside of God's spiritual power system. versus the Christian service that is produced when the believer is functioning in the arrogance of satan's cosmic system.

There are many things that distract the believer from fulfilling God's plan and the glorification of our Lord Jesus Christ. But one of the most subtle distractions is human good works performed on the basis of the arrogance of Christian service because the believer is working for or in the church.

Believers often become involved in Christian service or in some legitimate Christian organization inside or outside of the local church that causes them to either neglect or become inconsistent in their intake of Bible doctrine.

Once a believer has lost momentum through the neglect of consistent doctrinal inculcation, if they fail to rebound, they enter into satan's cosmic one where they begin to function on the basis of preoccupation with themselves rather than motivation from doctrine under the ministry of the Spirit.

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