Class Notes: 4/3/2019

Matt 23:24; Mark 7:7-8; 2Tim 3:5; The doctrine of the cosmic system part 54

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Matt 23:24; You are blind leaders who choke on a gnat while devouring a camel.

Mark 7:7-8; who worship me in vain teaching the commandments of men as doctrine.

v8 You have no regard for God's Word of truth and you demand compliance with principles based on human viewpoint.

2Tim 3:5; you maintain a fake outward appearance of spirituality because you have rejected God's power.

We are presently in a study of satan's cosmic system that is a system of arrogant demonic thinking that is comprised of the lies and deceit from demonic viewpoint that since the fall in the Garden of Eden, separated from God in the darkness of spiritual death has become the basis of the thinking of the entire human race. 1Cor 2:14; Rev 12:9;

When we stopped last time we were discussing sexual or immoral arrogance.

We noted that this category of arrogance involves sexual activity on the basis of total preoccupation with self while disregarding every factor of virtue or consideration of others.

Sex can only be a blessing as an expression of love between a man and a woman who are married. Sex is a distraction when it is an expression of arrogance in the deviance of polygamy, promiscuity, fornication, homosexuality, incest, bestiality, etc.

Sexual arrogance in the woman can manifest itself through seduction of people the woman considers important as in, Cleopatra's seduction of Caesar, Messalina's seduction of Claudius, or the famous seduction of Pericles by Aspasia in fifth century B.C. Athens.

Sexual arrogance in the woman relates to the number and importance of her conquests. Her flirtatious attitude is designed to receive approbation and flattery to stimulate her arrogance.

Male sexual arrogance includes a harem or a multiplicity of seductions. As degeneracy increases, this metastasizes into other things. Rape is a criminal extension of this kind of sexual deviance.

Once in the arrogance complex, more kinds of deviant sexual practices can and will develop as sexual arrogance interacts with criminal arrogance, psychopathic arrogance, or impulsive arrogance such as when someone in authority abuses their authority in order to have sex.

Example of this include incest that combines sexual arrogance with impulsive arrogance as a parent, rape that combines sexual arrogance with criminal arrogance, and promiscuity that combines sexual arrogance with blind arrogance. Once a form of arrogance is established in the life, it leads to functioning under other forms of arrogance to produce additional abnormalities, sins, and evil.

David used women for self-gratification. Once you use one woman for this because of arrogance it's easy to use the second, third, and fourth, in the same way.

Sexual arrogance produces an increased lust that is abnormal and as capacity for love decreases, sexual and lust for abnormal activity increases.

The more a man has sex with more women, the more intensified his arrogance becomes, with the result that the multiplied sexual activity destroys thought. Once you are minus thought, you lose your integrity, your honor, and your doctrine along with its application.

This explains how David's reversonism led to criminality and his rape of Bathsheba followed by his murder of her husband, Uriah in an attempted cover up.

This brings us to criminal arrogance that can occur in both believer and unbeliever.

All criminality is the product of arrogance. No one is born with a genetic tendency toward crime. It is all a matter of sin nature trends and arrogance in it's various categories including authority arrogance, mental attitude arrogance, self-righteous arrogance, sexual arrogance, the arrogance of unhappiness that comes from subjective preoccupation with self, and psychopathic arrogance.

Criminals commit crime because of their own volition. They make a decision to be a criminal. Environment is not the issue in criminality. Honor and integrity can belong to anyone regardless of social status. Criminals are criminals because they choose criminal behavior.

The criminal has no restraint of mental attitude sins, and no compunction about the use of violence to attain their nefarious objectives, though with "smart" criminals this is often cloaked in facade of hypocrisy.

The arrogance factor in crime is the major issue. The only way a criminal can break out of criminal arrogance is by doing it for himself; no one can help him.

After conversion, there must be consistent positive volition toward doctrine. If there is any inconsistency, the criminality continues. Many criminals use some form of religion as a front for their evil activities.

The real problem for a believer-criminal is not simply getting doctrine occasionally, but permanently accepting the legitimate authority of a single pastor-teacher and staying with that doctrinal communication instead of accumulating many teachers. 2Tim 4:3-4;

Criminals react rapidly to personality conflicts that immediately arouses their arrogance with the result that they reject legitimate authority and revert back into the arrogance complex.

The criminal believer lives inside the cosmic system. He is totally preoccupied with himself. He is hypersensitive about himself and insensitive regarding others and, often very self-righteous because he is filled with self-justification for his evil.

The criminal believer is anti-authority, anti-establishment, and very often, anti-God and anti-doctrine. A law-abiding citizen may be irresponsible without being a criminal. But all criminals are irresponsible.

The believer living in the cosmic system and involved in the various stages of reversionism is capable of any kind of criminal activity including burglary, robbery, kidnapping, shoplifting, mugging, blackmail, larceny, drug activity, prostitution, rape, and murder.

Criminality actually begins with the rejection of the legitimate authority of the parents in the home. The rejection of the authority of the parents eventually results in the rejection of all legitimate authority. Eph 6:2-3; 2Tim 3:2;

The criminal mind rejects all authority in life but his own, and therefore he is disoriented to life. He seeks to superimpose his authority on society using any means possible including crime. In arrogance, he gives lip service to the authority he encounters, but in his thinking he actually hates any and all authority except his own.

Since the criminal mind rejects all establishment authority, he becomes the enemy of God's client nation.

The criminal often pretends to accept some authority, like that of pastor or evangelist or psychiatrist. He appears to be positive to the Gospel, and even to believe in Christ but all of this is only to as a means of advancing his own agenda..

The spiritual regeneration that occurs at salvation that changes the eternal destiny of the criminal does not change the criminal's criminality in the devil's world in time.

The only thing that can stop the criminal's criminality in the devil's world is spiritual growth. If the criminal has a genuine conversion, he is still not out of the woods, because spiritual rehabilitation demands a break out from the arrogance of cosmic system and acquisition of the humility necessary to accept the legitimate authority of doctrine and a pastor-teacher. Rom 12:2;

The criminal has a basic sense of insecurity related to various categories of fear, such as fear of ridicule, fear related to peer pressure, fear of being reduced to nothing, the fear of what psychology calls the "zero state". The criminal fears the zero state even when he not in it.

A sense of insecurity leads the criminal to the state of transparency, in which the criminal believes that his worthlessness is obvious to all and that everyone perceives it. In the zero state, the criminal because of transference arrogance blames others for his real or imagined failures.

The criminal has no control over his emotions, including anger, hatred and implacability.

The criminal is a bored person. He wants excitement to prove his power. In fact, the criminal's desire for excitement is so great that he becomes jaded and requires constant stimulation from excitement.

To the criminal, living without excitement is a boring letdown so the criminal requires constant stimulation related to crime, sex, torture, alcohol or drugs, or making others afraid of him.

Eventually, only extreme criminal activity related to torture, rape, and murder is a satisfactory antidote to their boredom.

All terrorists are criminals, never patriots. Because of their boredom, they often torture and abuse their hostages because of their lust to hurt others.

All liars are not criminals, but all criminals are liars. Lying is a way of life for the criminal and results in the criminal becoming a pathological liar. Habitual deceit and lying is the basis of the criminal's total disregard for the truth in any form.

Lying is the criminal's "normal" way of dealing with the world and is a major factor in their criminal manipulation of others.

The criminal is arrogant and irrational. Arrogance causes the criminal to succumb to inordinate ambition and inordinate competition.

The criminal is saturated with a lust pattern of arrogance. He has sexual lust, killer lust, power lust, approbation lust, money lust, stimulation lust that requires extensive use of drugs or alcohol, and cruelty lust that becomes the basis of torture and abuse of others, as well as homicide.

From his arrogant preoccupation with self, the criminal is involved in a lust pattern that is almost impossible to break out of. This is why God's Word demands capital punishment for criminals. Rom 13:1-5;

The criminal unbeliever can be demon possessed. Unrestrained hard-core demon-possessed religious zealots in the Tribulation will be guilty of the greatest criminal arrogance, Rev 9:20-21;

The criminal believer lives under demon influence, but cannot be demon possessed. Criminals are involved in a locked-in arrogance so they are vulnerable to psychopathic arrogance.

This brings us to the next arrogance category, psychopathic arrogance. Psychopathic arrogance is a volitional drive toward unreality. In a normal person, the emotion of the soul is under the control and domination of the intellect that resides in the right lobe or mentality of the soul.

In a normal person, the emotional life always blends with the intellectual life so as not to disrupt the rational function of life. God designed the emotions to respond to thinking on the basis of the contents of the frame of reference, memory center, vocabulary and categorical storage.

Emotion has no ability to think or rationalize, and is not related to any field of cognizance. Emotion is simply a responder. The mind in the normal soul is designed to control the emotions and to make the emotions responsive to certain things in life.

In the psychopathic person, this normal subordination of emotion to the intellect is not present because of cultivated arrogance and cosmic involvement that results in a drive toward unreality.

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