Class Notes: 4/7/2019

Matt 23:24; Mark 7:7-8; 2Tim 3:5; The doctrine of the cosmic system part 55

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Matt 23:24; You are blind leaders who choke on a gnat while devouring a camel.

Mark 7:7-8; who worship me in vain teaching the commandments of men as doctrine.

v8 You have no regard for God's Word of truth and you demand compliance with human viewpoint.

2Tim 3:5; you maintain a facade of spirituality but you have rejected God's power.

We are presently in a study of satan's cosmic system that is a system of arrogant demonic thinking that is comprised of the lies and deceit from demonic viewpoint that since the fall in the Garden of Eden, separated from God in the darkness of spiritual death has become the basis of the thinking of the entire human race. 1Cor 2:14; Rev 12:9;

When we stopped last time we were discussing the arrogance category of psychopathic arrogance.

We noted that psychopathic arrogance is a volitional drive toward unreality. In a normal person, the emotions are under the control and domination of the intellect that resides in the mentality.

In a normal person, the emotional life always blends with the intellectual life so as not to disrupt the rational function of life. God designed the emotions to respond to thinking on the basis of the contents of the frame of reference, memory center, vocabulary and categorical storage.

Emotion has no ability to think or rationalize, and is not related to cognizance. Emotion is simply a responder. The mind in the normal soul is designed to control the emotions and to make the emotions responsive to certain things in life.

In the psychopathic person, this normal subordination of emotion to the intellect is not present because of cultivated arrogance and cosmic involvement that results in a drive toward unreality.

Psychopathy is a general term for mental disturbances or mental disorders that are generally characterized by egocentric and antisocial activity.

Psychopathy is also used specifically for certain mental disorders characterized by emotional instability, perverse conduct, undue conceit, suspiciousness, lack of self-control, lack of social feeling, lack of truthfulness, lack of common sense, and lack of persistence.

The psychopathic personality likes to surround itself with others who also lack common sense and who are also moving towards delusion and unreality from emotion rather than rationality. This is herd or mob mentality. It is what is going on political correctness in academia at this present time.

Arrogance under pressure produces psychopathic behavior. Psychopathic believers are characterized by the motivational arrogance of cosmic one in that they have vanity, pride, jealousy, hatred, vindictiveness, implacability, a guilt complex, fear, anxiety, and abnormal motivation that constantly seeks revenge.

A society of arrogant people such as the USA is becoming breeds psychopathic personalities. Psychopathic personalities are endemic to our fragmented society today.

As emotional arrogance replaces rational thinking abnormal psychopathic people find their environment so filled with categories of arrogance that their personal drive toward delusion and unreality seems perfectly normal to them.

This is why we have so many insane wacko ideas that have previously been rejected being accepted as true by so many in our county. Often people who are psychopathic are actually driven there by arrogant people, especially arrogant people with self-righteous crusader arrogance.

The arrogance of legalism is one of the greatest contributing factors to this problem, especially among believers.

Psychopathic personalities are abnormal and hypersensitive so they are very susceptible to the emotion from pseudo religiosity. The environment for all of this abnormality is created by ignorance or distortion of doctrine to the point where people are completely mixed-up but they don't know it.

Jesus faced this same problem. Matt 15:13-20;

Psychosis refers to mental disease or serious mental derangement it is a psychiatric term that does not connote the legal concept of being insane. Typical characteristics of the psychopathic believer include a medical category of instability that involves imbalance from a lack of biological equilibrium.

It includes a mental category of instability that involves being bipolar that involves being self-righteousness in prosperity and having self-pity in adversity because of a lack of stable rational doctrinal viewpoint.

Churches, born-again believers, and well-meaning Christian parents with locked in legalism often provide this kind of derangement because they are so involved in their own arrogance that they have actually established an environment for others including their children, to move step by step into in their drive toward unreality into a psychotic condition because of their bipolar emotional egocentric reaction to prosperity and adversity.

The arrogant category involves egocentricity regarding everything in relationship to oneself. This is locked-in self-centeredness. This is the status quo of grieving the Spirit in cosmic one that often leads to quenching the Spirit in cosmic two.

Egoism is an excessive love of self that divorces the individual from reality to the point where eventually mental disorders occur.

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