Class Notes: 4/10/2019

Matt 23:24; Mark 7:7-8; 2Tim 3:5; John 16:2; The doctrine of the cosmic system part 56

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Matt 23:24; You are blind leaders who choke on a gnat while devouring a camel.

Mark 7:7-8; who worship me in vain teaching the commandments of men as doctrine.

v8 who hate God's Word of truth but demand compliance with human viewpoint.

2Tim 3:5; who maintain a facade of spirituality but have rejected God's power.

John 16:2; who make those who subscribe to the truth outcasts from the synagogue and a time is coming when they will actually think they are serving God by killing those who subscribe to the truth.

We are presently in a study of satan's cosmic system that is a system of arrogant demonic thinking that is comprised of the lies and deceit from demonic viewpoint that since the fall in the Garden of Eden, separated from God in the darkness of spiritual death has become the basis of the thinking of the entire human race. 1Cor 2:14; Rev 12:9;

When we stopped last time we were discussing psychopathic arrogance.

We noted that psychopathic personalities are abnormal and hypersensitive so they are very susceptible to the emotion from pseudo religiosity. The environment for all of this abnormality is created by ignorance or distortion of doctrine to the point where people are completely mixed-up but they don't know it.

We also noted that Jesus faced this same kind of delusion during his life in unglorified humanity in the devil's world. Matt 15:10-20;

Psychosis refers to mental disease or serious mental derangement it is a psychiatric term that does not connote the legal concept of being insane. Typical characteristics of the psychopathic believer include a medical category of instability that involves imbalance from a lack of biological equilibrium.

It includes a mental category of instability that involves being bipolar that involves being self-righteousness in prosperity and having self-pity in adversity because of a lack of stable rational doctrinal viewpoint.

Churches, born-again believers, and well-meaning Christian parents with locked in legalism often provide this kind of derangement because they are so involved in their own arrogance.

In their drive toward unreality they actually establish an environment for others including their children, to move step by step into a psychotic condition because of their bipolar emotional egocentric reaction to the circumstances of life in the devil's world.

The arrogant category involves egocentricity regarding everything in relationship to oneself. This is locked-in self-centeredness. This is the status quo of grieving the Spirit in cosmic one that often leads to quenching the Spirit in cosmic two.

The psychopathic believers are the product of the arrogance of cosmic one that results in making bad decisions from a position of weakness. The environment for making bad decisions from a position of weakness is created by a legalistic viewpoint instead of grace orientation.

There is a tendency for those involved in unreality through legalism to try to resolve their problems through prayer but their problems cannot be resolved through prayer. Prayer cannot reverse the process that causes a believer to become psychotic.

Even if God did answer their prayer and perform a healing miracle, the mentally disturbed Christian would go right back into the arrogance process because of their poor decision making from a lack of metabolized doctrine.

Prayer was never intended to reverse the law of volitional responsibility. Nor can you, through your prayers, coerce the volition of someone else in order to make them well. Yet many legalistic believers are involved in this kind of prayer.

It is possible that if a person expressed positive volition at both God-consciousness and Gospel hearing and became a believer with a genetic or pre-salvation environmental psychosis, such a person could be healed through the renovation of the thinking that is the product of spiritual growth. Rom 12:2-3;

The tendencies remain, but tendencies do not constitute mental illness. Through persistent cognition of doctrine and spiritual rehabilitation, these believers can become some of the greatest believers.

The problem is that spiritual growth requires persistent and consistent concentration under the filling ministry of God the Holy Spirit. This is impossible when a person is functioning in a fragmented life because they are divorced from reality.

When a believer lives in cosmic one controlled by both motivational and functional arrogance for a prolonged period it is unreasonable to expect God to instantly reverse a situation that has become chronically locked in because of hundreds and thousands of bad decisions.

Parents in cosmic one can rear their children under legalism creating an environment of unreality, so that if the children have the same tendencies as their parents, cause the children to move, step by step into a psychotic condition.

Arrogance rejects authority. This begins in childhood, where personality is dominated by emotion exclusive of rationality. Children are naturally emotional they can only develop rational function by training under the enforced humility created by the parents.

Children with no training under enforced humility develop excessive tantrums, destructiveness, children who are allowed to sulk who are deceitful, obstinate, boastful, shameless, and erratic. These are the characteristics typical of the rejection of authority in cosmic one.

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