Class Notes: 12/9/2021

The book of Romans part 20

We are in a verse by verse study of the book of Romans and got through verses 1 -3 with the expanded translation:

v1 "Paul, a slave of Christ Jesus, called an apostle, through having been appointed because of the Gospel from God."

v2 Which (This Gospel) He (God) promised in advance through His prophets in the holy Scriptures or writings"

v3 Concerning His (God's) Son who was born from the seed of David according to the flesh.

Last time we started on Rom 1:4; "Son" is translated from the objective genitive of "huios", refers to the fact that Jesus Christ accepted the authority of God the Father in eternity past when He decreed that Jesus would become human.

Then the descriptive genitive of "Theos" translated " of God." This is the title for the deity of the Lord Jesus Christ in the hypostatic union. The deity of Christ apart from the hypostatic union has the title from the tetragrammaton "YHWH" in the Hebrew that is translated "Jehovah"

The noun "huios" tells us that in the first advent Christ subordinated Himself to the authority of God the Father in providing for us the so great salvation we enjoy. The noun "Theos" indicates that Christ is God, co-equal with the Father and with the Holy Spirit.

We previously noted the doctrine of Divine Essence that describes this equality in the Godhead.

"with power" is translated from the preposition "en" plus "dynamis" the instrumental of supernatural) power. This is not the power of the direct work of Jesus Christ in His Deity it is the power of the Holy Spirit that was deployed through His humanity.

All through the period of the incarnation it was decreed in eternity past that God the Holy Spirit would sustain the humanity of Christ and in the process establish a predicate, a pattern and a precedent, for the power that would be available to Church Age believers who comprise Jesus' battlefield royal family as members of the new spiritual species.

This means that this power is the exact same power that God provides to every church age believer who resides inside of God's spiritual power system while they are on the earth in unglorified bodies in the devil's world.

"According to the spirit of Holiness" this translated from the preposition "kata" plus the accusative of "pneuma" a reference to God the Holy Spirit, the third person of the Trinity who in the divine decree of eternity past was ordained to sustain the Lord Jesus Christ during his life in the devil's world as an unglorified human being.

Along with this is a descriptive genitive "hagiosynes" that refers to a quality rather than a state, showing that the quality of "pneuma" is God. So "spirit of holiness" is referring to God the "Holy Spirit who is Holy.

But since the adjective "holy" is referring to God the word "holy" it indicates that this is a title for God. In other words it is referring to the third person of the Godhead, God the Holy Spirit.

Translation: "according to or (by means of) the spirit of holiness" or "the spirit of sanctification," so it is a reference to the indwelling and filling ministry of God the Holy Spirit who empowered our Lord Jesus Christ and who empowers the new spiritual species.

We see from this that, the "dunamis" (the power) of Jesus Christ was actually from the indwelling and filling ministry of God the Holy Spirit. The prophecy of this is given in several passages in Isa 11:1-3; Isa 42:1; Isa 61:1;"

Rom 1:4; by the resurrection" is the preposition "ek" plus the ablative of "anastasis". This is an ablative of means. While the ablative is not the usual case for expressing means it is used when it is accompanied by the specification of origin or source.

This tells us that Jesus Christ become a new type of royalty by means of His resurrection. Christ on the cross was divine royalty and Jewish royalty, but after the resurrection He is also a new type of royalty that is related to the angelic conflict. Resurrection is the transition so it is "by means of resurrection."

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