Class Notes: 1/5/2022

The book of Romans part 25

We are in a verse-by-verse study of the book of Romans and got through verses 1-6 with the expanded translation: Rom 1:1-6;

v1 "Paul, a slave of Christ Jesus, called an apostle, through having been appointed because of the Gospel from God."

v2 Which (This Gospel) He (God) promised in advance through His prophets in the holy Scriptures or writings"

v3 Concerning His (God's) Son who was born from the seed of David according to the flesh.

v 4"Who was marked out or selected by the divine decree the Son of God by means of power, according to the Holy Spirit, by means of resurrection from deaths of Jesus Christ the Lord."

v 5 "Through whom (the resurrected Christ) we have received grace and apostleship, for the purpose of obedience to doctrine among all nations, for the sake of his personal reputation."

v6 "Among whom also you are privileged royalty (kletos) of Jesus Christ."

We started looking at the doctrine of election that comes from with the word "called" that is translated from the Greek word "kletos" in verse 6 so we took up a study of the doctrine of election.

We noted that election is the expression of God's sovereign will in eternity past before the universe existed and before mankind lived on the earth. We also noted that there are three elections in human history, the Jews, Jesus Christ and the Church.

Last time we were looking at the election of the Jews. Every Jewish nation depended upon its pivot. Judea survived historical crisis because of a pivot in 135 B.C. Rom 11:1-7, "God has not rejected His people whom He foreknew (believers) . . ." Jesus told His disciples about this in Matt 24:24,31;

There can be no Jewish client nation to God during the Church Age because the Church Age is coterminus with the times of the Gentiles; the election of Israel is not operational during the Church Age. During the Church Age all Jews who believe in Jesus Christ become members of the Church, the new spiritual species that supersedes their Jewish identity. Gal 3:28-29;

The election of Israel is the same as all other elections because it applies only to those who have personally believed in Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ was very clearly revealed in the Old Testament. Therefore, those who believed in YHWH who the Jews referred to as Addonai that is an Old Testament name for Jesus Christ had an election and a destiny from God. Deut 6:4;

Everyone who is elected has a destiny because election from God always includes a specific predetermined plan for your life that is part of God's decree in eternity past.

The election of Israel started a new racial species, beginning with Abraham at age ninety-nine. True Israel refers only to those who are born again. We will see this in Romans chapters 9-11.

Jesus Christ is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Those first three Jews set the precedence for true Israel to be believers because all three were believers in Jesus Christ.
Our Lord Jesus Christ is the unique election of history.

In eternity past our Lord Jesus Christ was elected under the salvation plan of God when the omniscience of God programmed the decree regarding the Hypostatic Union of Jesus Christ. Rev 13:8;

Jesus Christ was elected in eternity past; His election was deployed through the virgin pregnancy.

Jesus' Impeccability, the cross, followed by His resurrection, ascension and session are all printouts of that decree.

As a result of the First Advent, Jesus Christ controls history. The election of Christ is the basis for the other two elections.

The election of Christ is the basis for His being savior. He is the only way of salvation. He was qualified to be the Savior by His impeccability. Without the ascension and session of Christ, there would be no royal family to act as a pivot.

All of human history focuses on the person of our Lord Jesus Christ. Isa 42:1; "Behold My Servant whom I sustain, My elected One in whom My soul delights. I have put My Spirit upon Him; He will bring forth justice to the Gentiles." Eph 1:4; just as He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world, that we would be holy and blameless before Him In love.

Jesus Christ's election was impossible without the logistical grace support that God provided for Him because election is impossible without logistics.

Logistical grace support allows you to fulfill your election to privilege by delivering the client nation. Never separate of election from logistical support because election requires logistical support from God.

God the Father is glorified by the proper deployment of logistical support. The cross was the ultimate demonstration of God's logistical support. Jesus Christ was sustained and kept alive until He had received the imputation and judgment for all of humanity's sins. Acts 2:23; `1john 2:2;

If God's logistical support had been withdrawn, there would be no possibility for salvation.

1Pet 2:4,6; quoting Isa 28:16;"And coming to Him as a living stone, rejected by men, but elected and precious in the sight of God . . . Behold, I lay in Zion the chief cornerstone, the elected One, held in honor; in fact, He who believes in Him will never be put to shame."

This brings us to the election of the Church. The Church was elected under God's protocol plan. After the first forty years of the Church Age, 30 - 70 A.D. Ever since then the church, God's royal family has provided the pivot for all subsequent Gentile client nations.

This pivot includes Jews just as in the Jewish age. In the Church Age since there is no Jewish client nation believing Jews are included in the Church. Gal 3:28-29;

Election to privilege occurs at salvation. We have the privilege of historical impact by advancing to maturity per 2 Pet 1:3;

The function of Gentile client nations demands a pivot for freedom, evangelism, and the believer's advance to spiritual maturity. Church Age believers must not only understand their relationship to God, but also their relationship to history.

In order to be effective believers must understand their relationship to God, man, and history. In fulfilling our responsibility to God, we automatically fulfill our responsibility to the other two.

1Thes 1:4; "Knowing, brethren, beloved of God, His election of you." You must learn and understand that God's election is God's plan for you.

Col 3:12; "As elected ones of God, holy and beloved, put on the affections of grace compassion." To understand your election, you must function under grace orientation. Understanding election is orientation to the plan of God for your life.

2Tim 1:9; "He has elected us into a holy station in life, not according to our works." Our works have no relation to our historical impact.

Rom 8:33; "Who will bring any accusation against God's elect?" God is the one who justifies. This verse tells us that God himself backs the historical impact of the Church and that is why there is so much demonic opposition.

Blessing by association is the fulfillment of our responsibility to man. Historical impact is the fulfillment of our responsibility to history. Knowledge of doctrine is essential to fulfilling our election to privilege.

Titus 1:1; "According to the doctrine of God's elected ones, and the full knowledge of doctrine according to the norms of godliness." Election means we are responsible to preserve the client nation by advancing into the pivot.

Since the believers are been elected to privilege they must function under the royal family honor code.
Eph 4:1; "Therefore I the prisoner in the Lord, exhort you to walk in a manner worthy of your station in life, for which station in life you have been called (elected)."

Eph 1:4, "Since He Himself has elected us in Him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and blameless before Him."

This verse teaches that election was provided before the creation of the world." Holy" is a reference to both the absolute and relative concept of experiential sanctification. Election relates to the experiential part of God's plan for our lives. Holiness has to do with separation unto God, for the purpose of executing God's protocol plan.

Absolute holiness describes the mandates related to the filling of the Spirit. When the believer is functioning under the filling ministry of God the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit controls his soul, and the old sin nature is restrained in the body.

The believer in cosmic one is described as grieving the Spirit because the old sin nature that still indwells the body is also controlling the soul. The issue is who controls the soul: the old sin nature or the Holy Spirit.

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