Class Notes: 1/26/2022

The book of Romans part 26

We are in a verse-by-verse study of the book of Romans and got through verses 1-6 with the expanded translation: Rom 1:1-6;

v1 "Paul, a slave of Christ Jesus, called an apostle, through having been appointed because of the Gospel from God."

v2 Which (This Gospel) He (God) promised in advance through His prophets in the holy Scriptures or writings"

v 4"Who was marked out or selected by the divine decree the Son of God by means of power, according to the Holy Spirit, by means of resurrection from deaths of Jesus Christ the Lord."

v 5 "Through whom (the resurrected Christ) we have received grace and apostleship, for the purpose of obedience to doctrine among all nations, for the sake of his personal reputation."

v6 "Among whom also you are privileged royalty (kletos) of Jesus Christ."

This took us to the doctrine of election where last time we noted in Eph 1:4, t hat election was provided before the creation of the world. "Holy" is a reference to both the absolute and relative concept of experiential sanctification. Election relates to the experiential part of God's plan for our lives. Holiness has to do with separation unto God, for the purpose of executing God's protocol plan.

Absolute holiness describes the mandates related to the filling of the Spirit. When the believer is functioning under the filling ministry of God the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit controls his soul, and the old sin nature is restrained in the body.

The believer in cosmic one is described as grieving the Spirit because the old sin nature that still indwells the body is also controlling the soul. The issue is who controls the soul: the old sin nature or the Holy Spirit.

This is an absolute situation; you're either filled with the Holy Spirit and functioning under the ministry of God the Holy Spirit, which is 100% spirituality, or you're in satan's cosmic system, which is 100% sin nature control of the soul.

This absolute status is an experiential reality that can exist at any stage of a believer's spiritual advance. Relative holiness refers to the positive believer's advance through the stages of spiritual growth, or the negative believer's retrogression through stages of reversionism.

"Blameless before Him" is a reference to ultimate sanctification in the eternal state after the exit resurrection. Believers are commanded to express positive volition to God's Word of truth that is the thinking of Jesus in order to make their calling and election an experiential reality.

2Pet 1:10-11; "Therefore brethren, be more motivated (perception of doctrine regarding your portfolio of invisible assets) to make your calling and election a spiritual reality; for by doing these things (fulfillment of the protocol plan, perception of doctrine), you will never stumble (become a loser in cosmic system).

v11 For in this manner (execution of God's protocol plan), your entrance into the eternal kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ (ultimate sanctification in the resurrection body) will be abundantly supplied (conveyance of eternal escrow blessings to winners at the evaluation)."

You make your election a spiritual reality through perception, metabolization, and application of God's Word of truth especially the doctrines of election and lapsarianism. You use the privacy of your priesthood to learn the doctrine and the mechanics.

Our election is only sets up the potential for our impact on human history. When we advance to spiritual maturity under God' system of Grace Apparatus for Spiritual Perception (GASP) our doctrinal viewpoint makes our calling and election a reality.

Election is a reason for thanksgiving. 2Thes 2:13; "But we are always obligated to give thanks to God concerning you, having been loved by the Lord, because God has elected you from eternity past."

God's election of the Church creates a new superior spiritual species. At the moment of salvation believers are placed into union with Christ by the baptism of the Holy Spirit, where they can learn how to use the power of God's omnipotence in their problem solving while still functioning in the devil's world in unglorified sin infected human bodies.

Entrance into God's spiritual plan requires selection and election. At the point of birth every human being comes under the concept of selection, not election. God selects each member of the human. The fact that a person has human life is the product of selection from God's sovereignty

The fact that any person believes in Christ and receives eternal life is a matter of common and efficacious grace. At this point selection becomes election.

This opens the door for the greatest opportunity that is available to mankind. Election in the Church Age sets the human being as a royal priest sustained by logistical grace, a person in union with Christ, and the potential to function under the power of the Holy Spirit in God's operational spiritual power system.

Election is the opportunity to capitalize on the escrow blessings that have been on deposit from eternity past. That any person is given election to this privilege presents a motivational challenge that must not be ignored.

The selection of God's sovereignty at birth is followed by the election of God's sovereignty of God at the point of regeneration.

This results in the greatest opportunity and privilege ever conveyed to any member of the human race. Therefore, the dynamics of the ordinary human life during the Church Age become extraordinary.

Selection precedes election. Selection relates to physical birth; election relates to spiritual birth. God's purpose in election is for every believer to receive his or her escrow blessings.

Between selection and election the most important decision in life occurs. That is the decision to believe that Jesus Christ is God's Son or not. John 3:16-18; Satan does everything he can to obscure this. 2Cor 4:3-4; Phil 3:18-19;

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