Class Notes: 3/6/2022

The book of Romans part 36

We are in a verse-by-verse study of the book of Romans and got through verses 1-6 with the expanded translation: Rom 1:1-6; and are now working on verse 7.

v1 "Paul, a slave of Christ Jesus, called an apostle, through having been appointed because of the Gospel from God."

v2 Which (This Gospel) He (God) promised in advance through His prophets in the holy Scriptures or writings"

v3 Concerning His (God's) Son who was born from the seed of David according to the flesh.

v 4"Who was marked out or selected by the divine decree the Son of God by means of power, according to the Holy Spirit, by means of resurrection from deaths of Jesus Christ the Lord."

v 5 "Through whom (the resurrected Christ) we have received grace and apostleship, for the purpose of obedience to doctrine among all nations, for the sake of his personal reputation."

v6 "Among whom also you are privileged royalty (kletos) of Jesus Christ."

v7 "to all in Rome beloved of God called saints or holy...

The use of the word "hagios" translated "saints" or "holy" brings us to the doctrine of sanctification.

When we stopped last time we were noting that phase 2 of experiential sanctification is the function of the spiritual life after salvation. The function of the spiritual life depends on the application of the three spiritual skills: the filling of the Holy Spirit, the metabolization of doctrine, and the utilization of the ten problem solving devices.

This produces experiential or spiritual capacity righteousness. Our spiritual capacity righteousness creates capacity for God to bless us in the devil's world without compromising His perfect integrity.

As our spiritual capacity righteousness increases that capacity creates greater potential for blessing from God in time under the principle of what God's righteousness demands, God's justice executes.

When we execute God's protocol plan under His grace policy we develop spiritual capacity righteousness and when we reach the point of spiritual maturity God conveys our escrow blessings for time because we have the capacity from our spiritual capacity righteousness to enjoy them because we have developed capacity to use them in compliance with God's directive will.

Experiential sanctification refers to residence, function, and momentum inside your very own palace that is created and maintained by your function in God's operational spiritual power system. This is where what we call winner believers are manufactured experientially.

Experiential sanctification only occurs inside this palace. This is the place of the filling of the Holy Spirit that is the only place where you can execute God's protocol plan. Outside of your palace satan has two dungeons for you: cosmic one and cosmic two. This is where what we call loser believers are manufactured experientially.

The provision of your very own spiritual power system that you can choose to use at any moment is your equal opportunity under the assets of predestination. God, in eternity past, provided every believer with his or her very own palace for experiential sanctification.

Experiential sanctification occurs when the believer is residing in his very own palace, under the enabling power of God the Holy Spirit, and developing momentum from the perception and application of metabolized doctrine.

The word for experiential sanctification in the Greek language is "eusebeia" that is poorly translated as "godliness" like it is in many English translations. It should be translated "spiritual life" because it is referring to believers conducting their life on basis of God's Word.

This brings us to sanctification phase three.

Phase three aka ultimate sanctification refers to the believer in the eternal state. It carries the concept of having a resurrection body. Before the exit resurrection of the Church occurs, the Church Age believers who die go to heaven in an interim body where there is equally great happiness and blessing to all believers while they wait for the exit resurrection.

At the exit resurrection every Church Age believer will receive their resurrection body. Those already in heaven because they have died physically will get theirs first ("the dead in Christ shall rise first"), and those alive on the earth ("and we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, and so shall we ever be with the Lord"). 1Thes 4:17;

This means that ultimate sanctification is the state of being blameless before God, possessing a resurrection body, 1Cor 1:8; Eph 1:4;

The evaluation tribunal of Christ where winners receive the conveyance of their escrow blessings for the eternal state and be presented to God the Father in the royal court of heaven occurs during the time immediately after the exit resurrection while the Tribulation Dispensation is occurring on the earth.

Ultimate sanctification the body of Christ is prepared to be the Bride of Christ.

In ultimate sanctification, the Church is resurrected aristocracy, and therefore, different from all other resurrections. The royal family of God shares in the coronation and triumph of Jesus Christ at the Second Advent so the bride must be prepared prior to the Second Advent

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