Class Notes: 4/14/2022

The book of Romans part 43; A Concise doctrine of prayer

In our verse by verse study of Romans we just completed Rom 1:10 with the expanded translation: "Always in my prayers when offering a petition, that if somehow now at last I will succeed by the will of God in coming face to face with you all."

This verse brings us to a couple of side trips. A brief study of the categorical doctrine of prayer and a look at the doctrine of God's will with an example of Paul rejecting God's will to pursue his own agenda. First we will look at the doctrine of prayer.

We must recognize that God's Word reveals a specific protocol for prayer that must be followed. Prayer must be addressed to the Father Matt 6:9; Eph 3:14; Eph 5:20;
In the name of the Son John 14:13,14; John 16:23,24; Eph 5:20; in the power of the Spirit Eph 6:18; Rom 8:26-27; John 4:24;

Prayer is directed to God the Father from three sources.
From the source of the Son Heb 7:25; from the source of the Holy Spirit Rom 8:26-27; from the source of the believer-priest Heb 4:16;

Private formal prayer starts with confession to God 1John 1:9; followed by thanksgiving to God Eph. 5:20; 1Thes 5:18; intercession to God for others Eph. 6:18; and lastly petition to God for yourself. Heb. 4:16;

Short quick spontaneous prayers during the day would not necessarily always follow this formal procedure.

Learning and applying doctrine is the inhale of the faith-rest drill, prayer is the exhale of the faith-rest drill Matt 18:19; Matt 21:22; Mark 11:24; John 15:7; Prayer is the exhale toward God that is a product of the doctrine that has been built up in the stream of consciousness from persistent function under GASP.

Prayer is most effective when operating under God's GASP system because GASP is how Jesus' words get into our thinking. John 15:7;

Prayer demands cognizance of the will of God; that requires the maximum function of GASP. 1John 5:14-15;

Prayer must be offered in positional status of the Filling of the Spirit. Eph. 6:18;

Prayer is ineffective when the believer is under OSN control of the soul. Psa. 66:18;
Prayer must comply with the principle of grace orientation. Heb. 4:16;
Prayer is part of the Divine Decree. Jer. 33:3;
Prayer is related to love toward God. Psa 116:1-2;

The reasons why prayer is not answered are all are all related to OSN control of the soul from known or unknown disobedience to God or reversionism from scar tissue in the soul.

Not filled with the Spirit Eph 6:18; No faith-rest function Matt 21:22; Mental attitude sins Psa 66:18; Lust patterns in the soul James 4:2-4; Disobedience to God's Word 1John 3:22;

Noncompliance with specific and known will of God 1John 5:14; Self righteous arrogance Job 35:12,13; Lack of compassion or grace orientation Prov 21:13; Lack of domestic tranquility 1Pet. 3:7;

Heb. 4:16; tells us that prayer functions under God's grace policy. Prayer is therefore a privilege and extension of grace function this means that it is impossible to approach God in prayer on the basis of human good works or merit.

The believer-priest approaches God in prayer on the basis of the merits of Jesus Christ our high priest.

God the Father was satisfied and He accepted the work of Jesus Christ. Believers function exclusively under the aegis of Jesus Christ and His work.

God does not hear prayers because a person is fervent, moral, sincere, religious or self-effacing.

God hears prayer because of doctrine that is built from GASP, the ministry of the Son, and the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

The logical truth table of prayer petition and answer.
NEGATIVE-NEGATIVE: Neither petition nor desire answered.
NEGATIVE-POSITIVE: Petition not answered; desire answered Gen 17:18; Gen 18:23-33; 2Cor 12:7-10;
POSITIVE-NEGATIVE: Petition answered; desire not answered 1Sam. 8:5-9,19,20;
POSITIVE-POSITIVE: Petition answered; desire answered Judges 16:28; 1Kings 18:36-37; Luke 23:42,43; John 11:41,42,45;

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