Class Notes: 6/9/2022

The book of Romans part 53; Adjustment to God's justice

In our verse-by-verse study of Romans we finished Romans 1:17 and are now taking a brief look at the doctrine of adjustment to God's justice.

Rom 1:17; expanded translation: "For by the same gospel the justice of (belonging to) God is revealed from faith (adjustment at salvation) to doctrine (maturity adjustment after salvation): as it stands written, but the righteous (the vindicated ones aka believers advancing to maturity adjustment to God's justice) shall live by means of doctrine."

We noted that there are three categories of adjustment to God's Justice: Salvation adjustment, Rebound adjustment, and maturity adjustment.

Last time we were noting salvation adjustment and noted that the cross was a real and perfect courtroom. The work of Jesus Christ satisfied the justice of the Father, and freed anyone to believe in Jesus Christ, so that man is free to adjust to God's justice and God's justice is free to pardon, and even more, God's justice is free justify sinful mankind through man's non-meritorious adjustment to God's justice. . Rom 3:21-28; Rom 4:5; Rom 8:1;

This adjustment to God's justice occurs instantaneously at the moment we believe in Christ, John 3:16; John 20:31; Acts 16:31; Faith is the greatest of all non-meritorious things in life because faith enables God's power.

Only faith in the object of Jesus Christ can provide that instant adjustment to God's justice. When man believes in Christ, the justice of God is free to provide for Him the forty things of salvation.

For those who do not adjust to God's justice for salvation, God's justice is not free and must condemn to the lake of fire forever those who do not believe in Christ, John 3:18, 36.

Since there is blessing and cursing heaven can't exist without hell. The link is God's justice and God must be fair and just or He compromises his own perfect integrity.

God's justice is only free to curse negative volition at the point of God- consciousness or Gospel-hearing. If God did not send unbelievers to the lake of fire, God' justice is compromised and there is no salvation for anyone because perfect God would cease being perfect.

The next category is rebound Adjustment to God's justice. Rebound is a technical term that for the believer's restoration to fellowship and the recovery of the filling of the Holy Spirit. This technique is necessary because the believer continues to have an old sin nature after salvation.

1John 1:9 says that this adjustment to God's justice occurs when we name, cite, or confess any known sin. All of the believer's sins were judged on the cross so God's justice is free to make this instantaneous adjustment to God's justice whenever we comply with this mandate God's Word to simply acknowledge our sins to God.

What you think or how you feel about it is irrelevant because God has already judged Jesus for all of your sins so its not about you its about God and His immutable Word of truth. Psa 32:5; Psa 38:18 Psa 51:3-4; Prov 28:13; Jer 3:13; 1Cor 11:31; 1John 1:9;

When the believer confesses a sin, the justice of God is free to forgive that sin because the justice of God was propitiated at the cross. Only justice and no other part of God's essence can forgive sin. It is a matter of God's justice that gets us back in fellowship.

Therefore the believer cites his sins directly to God and is immediately restored to fellowship with God, and the filling of the Holy Spirit is resumed in place of grieving or quenching the Holy Spirit. This is a private matter between the believer and God.

Blasphemous approaches to the rebound adjustment to God's justice include: confessing sins to other believers because they can't absolve you from sin, feeling sorry for your sins and thinking that will provide for your forgiveness or going through some sort of penance or works does not address the requirements of God's justice.

Rebound adjustment to God's justice does not encourage more sin because the mentor ministry of Holy Spirit uses the recovery as an opportunity to lead the believer away from OSN control of the soul into spiritual momentum from the recall and application of Bible doctrine.

The last category of adjustment to God's justice is maturity adjustment that occurs from consistent and persistent function under God's GASP system.

With divine viewpoint thinking the believer reaches spiritual maturity where the believer has a relaxed mental attitude where spiritual momentum is perpetuated and enhanced regardless of the adversity that comes from living in a sin infused body of death in the death shadowed valley of the devil's evil world.

This status is called supergrace because maximum doctrine in the believer's soul frees God's justice to provide maximum blessing for the mature believer in time and eternity.

There are at least five categories in this blessing package in time. Some of them are received immediately, while others are received as the believer continues to advance in doctrine. The five categories of blessings in time are spiritual, temporal, association, historical, and dying.

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