Class Notes: 6/16/2022

The book of Romans part 55; Rom 1:18; Maladjustment to God's justice

In our verse by verse study of Romans last time we ran out of time near the end of Rom 1:18; with the phrase "who suppress the truth" translated from the genitive plural of description from the definite article "ho" used as an intensive pronoun. The antecedent is anthropos, the word "man," referring to "mankind." We can translate the definite article as "who," "those who," or "the ones."

The present active participle from the verb" katecho" that means to hold back, to hold down, to imprison, to check, to restrain, or to suppress. It is used here for the unbeliever rejecting Jesus Christ as savior.

This is salvation maladjustment to God's justice. The present tense is a customary present that denotes what habitually occurs with those who are negative at either God-consciousness or gospel hearing.

The active voice: the heathen unbelievers who have definitely said no are those maladjusted to God's justice by rejecting Jesus Christ for salvation, and they produce the action of suppression.

The participle is circumstantial for salvation maladjustment to God's justice that results in remaining in heathenism and therefore liable for punishment from God's justice.

Also, there is an accusative singular direct object from both the definite article and the noun "alethia" translated "truth" that in this case can specifically refer to rejection of God at God-consciousness or gospel hearing. With the intensive pronoun from the definite article it describes a category of life.

It describes what we call heathenism, and those who are maladjusted to God's justice for salvation. This is translated "of those who suppress the truth." The truth being suppressed is the specific parts of Bible Doctrine that address gospel of faith in Jesus Christ for salvation followed by "in unrighteousness" translated from "en plus adikia.

Their unrighteousness causes them to suppress and reject the truth of God's Gospel message.

Rom 1:18; Expanded Translation: "For righteous anger from God's justice is being revealed from heaven against all ungodliness (heathenism) and anti-justice (salvation maladjustment to God's justice) of those who suppress the truth (the Gospel) through anti-justice (salvation maladjustment to God's justice)."

This brings us to a brief study of the doctrine of maladjustment to God's justice. Mankind either adjusts to the God's justice for blessing or the God's justice adjusts to him for cursing. If man doesn't adjust to the God's justice, then the God's justice is only free to punish, discipline, and judge.

The issue in the Christian life is that we either adjust to the God's justice and receive blessing from God, or the God's justice will adjust to us and we will receive divine discipline from God.

Adjustment to the God's justice is the difference between cursing and blessing. When mankind refuses to adjust to the God's justice it is called maladjustment. Maladjustment can occur in salvation, rebound, or doctrinal advance.

Salvation Maladjustment to the God's justice is the rejection of Jesus Christ as one's personal Savior through negative volition at Gospel hearing. In this case God's justice adjusts to the unbeliever in eternity by throwing him into the lake of fire.

Any unbeliever who is divine establishment oriented is not judged in time, only in eternity but unbeliever reversionists are judged in both time and eternity, 2Pet 2; Rom 1:18-32;

So salvation maladjustment is the basis for spending eternity in the lake of fire, as well as the basis for much of the great sorrow, tragedy, heartache, and disaster during human history in time. Rebound Maladjustment to the God's justice results in the believer's failure in time.

The Holy Spirit permanently indwells and resides in the believer's body but through carnality and/or reversionism, he can lose the filling of the Holy Spirit that is how the Spirit controls the believer's soul.

Sin nature control of the soul aka carnality is called grieving the Spirit. When believers function in reversionism under satan's evil policies it is described as quenching the Spirit.

We see from this that quenching the Spirit is worse than grieving the Sprit because quenching the spirit involves evil thinking and policies in addition to sin but grieving the spirit only involves sin.

We can see this in our nation and it is why the nation is failing so miserably. Over the last 60 years or so the zeitgeist of the nation has gone from grieving the Spirit to quenching the Spirit.

Perpetuation of sin nature control of the soul aka carnality results in divine discipline, and if left unchecked eventually leads to the acceptance and adoption of satan's evil policies and a lifestyle of reversionism.

Without the filling of the Holy Spirit, the believer cannot properly understand Bible doctrine. Failure to rebound inevitably results in judgment and discipline from God. It keeps the believer off balance and the inevitable result is reversionism.

Any believer can be spiritual or carnal but the reversionistic believer doesn't rebound. If anything is added to simply naming your sin to God it becomes legalistic and not efficacious because legalism and grace are mutually exclusive.

Rebound only functions under God's grace policy it is null and void if it involves any system of human works such as penance or reparations.

Maturity Maladjustment to the God's justice occurs when the believer fails to advance in the grace and knowledge of God's Word of truth.

This rejection comes from apathy, or neglect of doctrinal teaching that results in reversionism and coming under the influence of satan's cosmic 1 and cosmic 2 systems of evil.

Maturity maladjustment to God's justice is to the believer what heathenism is to the unbeliever.

Maturity maladjustment to God's justice in time it means warning, intensive, and dying discipline and in eternity, maturity maladjustment means loss of rewards, loss of decorations, and loss of special blessings.

God's Grace is completely compatible with God's justice. God waits to be gracious, Isa 30:18; Prov 1:3;

The Lord waits for our three adjustments to His justice, especially maturity adjustment. There is no supergrace blessing to the believer apart from maximum Bible doctrine in his soul.

Compassion is grace in action. Grace action comes through justice. "Because the Lord is a God of justice."

Maladjustment or adjustment to the God's justice is the issue in your life. This concept is described in Eccles 9:13; - Eccles 10:13;

People don't understand how Bible doctrine works so they don't appreciate it being in the believer's soul but God does so expect blessing from God not from people.

What God thinks counts so Bible doctrine counts. What people think is irrelevant so what they think is irrelevant.

Only Bible doctrine resident in the souls of the believers who comprise the pivot saves the country because it is the secret invisible weapon that wins wars because God makes war against the arrogant but gives greater grace to the humble.

Rom 1:18; Expanded Translation: "For righteous anger from God's justice is being revealed from heaven against all ungodliness (heathenism) and anti-justice (salvation maladjustment to God's justice) of those who suppress the truth (the Gospel) through anti-justice (salvation maladjustment to God's justice)."

This brings us to Rom 1:19;

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