Class Notes: 7/7/2022

The book of Romans part 60, The doctrine of Evil

In our verse by verse study or Romans last time we finished verse 21.

Rom 1:21; Expanded Translation: "Because, when they knew the God, they did not honor Christ as God, nor did they feel obligated to thank him; in fact, as a result of their negative volition they received worthless thoughts in their evil thinking, and their ignorant right lobe received darkness."

Based on the information in this verse we are taking a quick look at the Doctrine of Heathenism and the Doctrine of Evil.

Last time we noted that modern heathenism is manifested as Liberalism because Liberalism is predicated on the rejection of Divine Establishment, God at God consciousness, Jesus Christ and God's Word of truth.

We noted that under the principle of narrow is the way to life but broad the way to destruction. Matt 7:13-14; that when God's truth is rejected then the only alternative viewpoint s that are available have to be based on satan's evil.

Evil is satan's policy as the ruler of this world. It is the function of satan from the time of his fall throughout the angelic revolution and down to the point where satan deceived the woman and the man followed the woman into the sin so they both fell and satan usurped Adam as the ruler of the world.

Liberalism is the modern manifestation of satan'e evil. Liberalism is designed to appeal to the unsaved intellect, embraces his culture, and claims to be able to solve all the problems with an endless number of programs and gimmicks but solutions are never found so its failure and the unintended consequences of the programs end up destroying all categories of divine establishment that ultimately destroys the nation.

Evil heathen liberalism is what is destroying the USA at this time.

Evil is satan's failure to produce a system of good in mankind and society that would bring in a pseudo-millennium.

Evil is satan's policy for his administration and rule of this world. Satan cannot restrain sin all he can do parlay human good into sin and evil.

All evil starts with rejection of truth and combines erroneous thinking with sin or with human good that is motivated erroneous thinking. When the sin of self-righteousness and human good combine with sincerity the nation is saturated with evil.
This is the situation in the USA is at the present time.

The principle is that since satan as the ruler of this world is not capable of ruling the world he controls, then no human being can rule it either. This means that the problems of this world cannot be solved with human solutions. All solutions to the problems of this world are predicated exclusively upon the imputation of God's perfect righteousness and the application of God's solutions.

Evil is the function and innovation of those who are consistently involved in satan's cosmic systems. It is the adverse trend of society that results in the malfunction of society and the destruction of society by the removal of legitimate authority and the function of legitimate authority on the basis of the truth revealed in the laws of divine establishment.

Just as grace and truth represent God's genius in His relationship to the human race, evil represents satan's genius in his relationship to the human race.

What you think is more important than you realize because the human soul is the spiritual battleground where the war between these two viewpoints rages. In the unbeliever as it relates to God and Jesus Christ and in the believer as it relates to Bible Doctrine.

There are two ways of thinking. Divine viewpoint is thinking truth that glorifies Jesus Christ versus human viewpoint that is thinking evil that glorifies satan and dishonors Jesus Christ so the issue mankind faces is thought versus thought.

Recovery from sin is instantaneous unbelievers sins are forgiven at the moment they believe in Jesus Christ and believers recover from sins when they acknowledge any known sin to God through the use of the rebound technique,

Only believers can recover from evil because it requires the filling and teaching ministry of God the Holy Spirit.

However recovery from evil takes a long time because it requires the renovation if the thinking that comes from renovating the soul from learning Bible Doctrine under the teaching ministry of God the Holy Spirit.

It takes a long time to recover from evil because the frame of reference that was built with evil satanic viewpoint must be torn down and replaced with a frame of reference from the viewpoint from God's Word of truth. 2Cor 10:3-4; Eph 4:11-13;

Evil is the human good panacea that attempts to solve the problems of life apart from divine establishment and Bible Doctrine. Divine establishment and Bible Doctrine are the predicate for solving the problems of life because they are the thinking of Christ.

Very often evil is a distortion of doctrine or a distortion of the laws of divine establishment. Satan's original sin was a distortion of doctrine.

Because of the blackout of the soul that occurs with evil it often involves inverted thinking so it views are inverted and law and order is considered to be criminal and sin and evil are considered to be good.

We see a lot of this in the evil regulations that are imposed on our country by evil usurpers who have stolen their way into positions of power in government.

Then when the usurpers are finally called out by Supreme Court rulings that are for once actually based on Divine establishment that is enshrined in the Constitution they go into a fit of rage just like their father the devil will when he is cast out of heaven in the middle of the Tribulation.

Evil comes in many forms: altruistic humanitarianism, philanthropy, religion, legalism, reversionism, socialism, political internationalism, government interference, distortion of the law, bribery in government, defunding the military, gun legislation, sociology, public welfare, the World Health Organization, and the United Nations.

The whole idea of government trying to abolish sickness, mental illness, economic problems, frustrations, and human problems by legislation and human solutions is and evil distortion of the doctrine of "brotherly love." The world's problems can never be solved apart from Bible doctrine and the laws of divine establishment.

Evil also includes social action, "social justice', the social Gospel, the restriction of individual human freedom for the greater good of the many, the distortion of law to solve social and economic problems.

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