Class Notes: 7/10/2022

The book of Romans part 61, Rom 1:21; The doctrine of Evil Rom 1:22

In our verse by verse study or Romans last time we finished verse 21.

Rom 1:21; Expanded Translation: "Because, when they knew the God, they did not honor Christ as God, nor did they feel obligated to thank him; in fact, as a result of their negative volition they received worthless thoughts in their evil thinking, and their ignorant right lobe received darkness."

Based on the information in this verse we are taking a quick look at the Doctrine of Heathenism and the Doctrine of Evil.

Last time we almost finished the brief look at the Doctrine of Evil.

We noted that the whole idea of government trying to abolish sickness, mental illness, economic problems, frustrations, and human problems by legislation and human solutions is and evil distortion of the doctrine of "brotherly love." The world's problems can never be solved apart from Bible doctrine and the laws of divine establishment.

Evil also includes social action, "social justice', the social Gospel, the restriction of individual human freedom for the greater good of the many, the distortion of law to solve social and economic problems.

Examples of this are government interference in free enterprise by the imposition of restrictive regulations, legislating safety requirements, government quotas, unconstitutional gun legislation, and catering to minorities.

Unconstitutional laws based on these are all are all distorted and unconstitutional so they are illegal even though the usurpers that are in power enforce them for years until the courts develop the moral clarity to stop them.

Even worse is religion that is the worst form of evil because it makes a false promise of salvation through the performance of good works or by complying with some kind of legalism or ritualism that religion alleges that God will accept. The entire assumption is a lie.

Evil includes all systems of Christian function outside of and apart from the authority of a local church. God only established and authorized one institution, the local church.

God has established and authorized the local church as the only environment for spiritual growth in the dispensation of the Church. No person has authority over believers in the spiritual realm except for the pastor-teacher, whose authority is limited to teaching doctrine inside the local church building.

This means that not only are denominations evil, but so are many nongovernmental service organizations that operate under the aegis of denominations some of whom are profiting from the liberal government's mass migration and illegal immigration policies.

When you encounter a guilt ridden, reversionistic apostate, bleeding heart liberal, person be careful because they are evil.

The worst and most detrimental thing that can happen to a believer is to come under the influence of evil because recovery from evil is very difficult and time consuming because it requires renovation of the thinking.

Evil is comprised of everything that deviates from the laws of divine establishment, the Gospel of salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone or Bible doctrine.

Rom 1:21; Expanded Translation: "Because, when they knew the God, they did not honor Christ as God, nor did they feel obligated to thank him; in fact, as a result of their negative volition they received worthless thoughts in their evil thinking, and their ignorant right lobe received darkness."

This brings us to Rom 1:22; that reveals the consequences the delusion of heathenism (unbeliever reversionism). This is negative volition at God-consciousness plus negative volition at gospel hearing. This delusion has a serious negative impact on human history.

"Professing" is translated from the present active participle from the Greek verb "phasko". The word means to assert, to affirm, to allege, or to claim. The present tense is a pictorial present that depicts the action of reversionistic delusion of reversionism.

This delusion occurs in every generation and in some generations because of rampant negative volition at God-consciousness and gospel hearing it reaches saturation. This appears to be what we have in client nation USA at this time.

The vacuum that is created in millions and millions of souls that results in blackout of the soul and hardness of heart is so strong that it sucks in disasters that destroy the people in that geographic area. Historical examples of this include the worldwide flood at Noah's time, Sodom and Gomorrah, the fall of Assyria, Chaldea, Persia, the Hellenistic monarchies, Rome and Hitler's Germany.

The active voice states that unbeliever reversionists produce the action of the verb. The participle is concessive so it is translated "Although they claimed." The word "themselves" that is added by the translators of the KJV is not in the original.

"to be wise" translated from the present active infinitive from "elimi' tells us that they are absolutely confident of their wisdom; "wise" is the predicate nominative plural from "sophia." "Although they claimed to be wise" is the delusion that results from maladjustment to God's justice.

Delusion of maladjustment to God's justice at salvation is the result of unbeliever reversionism. The application of darkness to life is the erroneous assumption of wisdom so they are deluded. The people are led to believe they are wise but they are not so this is a delusion.

This affirmation of nonexistent wisdom is the status of heathenism in the last three stages of reversionism that is the result of blackout of the soul, scar tissue of the soul, and reverse process reversionism.

The reversionist sets up false norms and standards for wisdom, then uses these false norms and standards to allege and conclude that they are wise.
This explains the complete blindness of the sincere liberal, the do-gooder, the person who is a walking guilt complex trying to distort legislation in an attempt to use political power to solve man's problems

The problems that man has can only be solved by Bible doctrine and adjustment to the God's justice in its three categories: salvation, rebound, and maturity. Negative volition at gospel hearing triggered this unbeliever reversionism.

"they became fools"

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