Class Notes: 7/24/2022

The book of Romans part 65, Rom 1:24-25;

In our verse by verse study of Romans we are in verse 24 where we were noting that as a result of their rejection of God they would receive degradation in "their own bodies" is translated from the accusative plural of reference, "soma."

One of the great protections that God provides from divine establishment is the protection of your body.

Your body is the house for your soul. Any time you body is protected your soul is also protected, and it is for this purpose that we have the true concept of freedom. The true concept of freedom protects your body and soul from the encroachment from others.

It also protects things related to your body including your private property and your privacy. "That their bodies might be degraded" has to do with the destruction of freedom. These people become enslaved to the deviant destructive lust patterns of their OSN.

They think they are free because liberty from Divine Establishment permits their perversion but they are really slaves because true freedom requires discernment and self-control and they have neither.

When God's justice turns people over to receive the consequences of their depravity it shows in the choices that they make regarding personal hygiene and dress.

When the human body is not being degraded a majority of people in a nation tend to be clean and have excellent grooming.

They are clean, and well dressed in accordance with their financial status and availability of clothing. The degradation of the body is indicative of a loss of personal freedom and degradation from slavery to the OSN.

A good example of this would be what has happened over the last 40 years in the streets of places like San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle where the drug abusers and the so called homeless defecate and discard their needles everywhere.

Where privacy and private property are constantly under assault and liberal heathen politicians do nothing except set criminals free with no bail to repeat their criminality.

"Among themselves" indicates the course that is going to be explained in this passage. This is "en" plus the locative plural from the intensive pronoun "autos" that is used here in the reflexive sense of "among or between themselves."

"En autos" is the predicate use of the intensive pronoun, translated by the word "self." The Greek prepositional phrase "autos en autos" has a reciprocal significance, and this reciprocity is going to refer to sexual perversion in verse 26.

This is degradation among themselves. This is not fornication, not legitimate sex, but perverted sex that is going to be an illustration of their depravity.

Expanded Translation verse 24: "Therefore THE God (God's justice department) delivered them over in the lusts of their hearts to immoral status, that their bodies might be degraded among themselves."

This verse emphasizes God's justice handing over the reversionists over to judgment where the unbeliever reversionist receives judgment from God's justice department in time as well as in eternity.

The verse indicates that reversionism is self-destructive. Wherever homosexuality thrives there is a degenerate society awaiting a very, very terrible and disastrous historical judgment.

Self-destructive reversionism is the cancer in society that grows and grows until the culture is destroyed. Homosexuality is simply an indicator.

This is what destroyed the famous 5th century BC culture of Greece. It is representative of the degeneracy that comes from being given over to depraved thinking by God's justice department.

When there is rejection of truth there is the inevitable vacuum created that sucks evil into the soul, and the degradation that from evil is a part of God's justice.

Therefore, perverted sex such as homosexuality and lesbianism is a reversionistic attack on human freedom because the truth contained in the Divine Institutions are the predicate for human freedom, security and happiness.

The OSN has no capacity for thought and therefore no power from thought. And since the OSN can not think it borrows the heart for its thinking. That is why the heart is often connected with the old sin nature.

It is why Jesus said: "From the heart proceeds ..." and then He gave a list of sins. The source of homosexuality, bestiality, lesbianism and incest is said to be the heart.

But it is actually because the OSN must use the heart to do its thinking. Neither the OSN nor emotion has any ability to think.

Expanded Translation verse 24: "Therefore THE God (God's justice department) delivered them over in the lusts of their hearts to immoral status, that their bodies might be degraded among themselves."

Rom 1:25; The word "For" in the NASB is not in the original "they" is ok. The verse starts with "who" or "they" translated from "hostis." The KJV has this one right.

"Who" is a nominative masculine plural of the qualitative relative pronoun "hostis" referencing those who belong to a certain group.

"Who" is describing a group of people who are involved in degeneracy that involves perverted abnormalities of sex that are a cancer on the culture indicating that reversionism has reached a saturation point where God's justice must step in and judge it.

The relative pronoun "hosits" introduces a sentence of general reference. The aorist active indicative of "metallasso" is the verb, it means to exchange something for another thing.

In verse 26 "metallasso" is used for exchanging the natural normal sex between a man and a woman for sexual activities that are contrary to nature and deviant.

When people reject doctrine, in this case the gospel so people refers to unbelievers and their entrance into reversionism where their vacuous thinking inevitably leads to perversion.

There is perversion in thinking that results in is perversion in action. Perversion is the antithesis of establishment principles. What happens is that the doctrine of God is exchanged for the satin's evil lie.

The word "exchanged" is another constantive aorist, that gathers into one entirety the reversionistic process that leads into sexual perversion.

The active voice: the unbeliever in this case produces the action of the verb. The indicative mood is declarative for the dogmatic statement of fact that they traded doctrinal truth for satan's lie that resulted in perversion.

"The truth of God" is the good part of the exchange. The accusative singular direct object from the noun "aletheia" that means truth in the sense of God's Word of truth or doctrine. In this context it refers to that portion of doctrine that the unbeliever can understand when he hears the gospel under the common grace ministry of God the Holy Spirit

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