Class Notes: 8/25/2022

The book of Romans part 70, Principles from Rom 1:25-27;

In our word-by-word study of Romans last time we concluded Rom 1:27; where we see the consequences of rejecting God's call to God consciousness and salvation.

Rom 1:25; Expanded Translation: "They (reversionist unbelievers) who exchanged the doctrine of the God for a lie (gospel for false doctrine or evil), both worshipped and served the creature (satan) rather than the Creator (Jesus Christ), who is blessed forever. Amen.

Rom 1:26; Expanded Translation: "Because of this (exchange of doctrine for evil) the God delivered them over to passions of dishonor (sexual perversions of degeneracy): for even their females exchanged the normal function (of sex) for that which is contrary to or beyond nature or abnormal."

Rom 1:27; Expanded Translation: "But also in the same manner even the males (homosexuals), after they first abandoned the normal sexual function of the female, became inflamed with sexual desire in their lust toward each other (of the same category); accomplishing the perverted act, and receiving back payment in themselves the appropriate penalty for their perversion"

This brings us to some principles from this passage. This passage reveals that It is inevitable that God's justice will judge all maladjustment to His perfect justice in this case His justice addresses sexual perversion.

For those who do not choose to adjust to God's justice God's justice will adjust to them in the form of discipline and cursing.

Homosexuality is a sin, not a sickness; but in addition to that it is also reversionistic evil. God's immutable Word of truth is very clear in its prohibition against homosexuality. Leviticus 18:22.

The Romans had copied the perversion of the Greeks. We see this in the recovered Roman artifacts that show that homosexual activities became prominent among the Romans.

The homosexual is not only sinful but also because of their reversionism they have an evil deviant mental attitude.

Homosexuality receives payment from God's justice through irrationality, neurosis, fear, abnormal or distorted affection that they call "love," anti-establishment activities, and psychosis.

Psychologist Alfred Adler admits that "homosexuals have a deep-seated revolt against adjustment to the normal sex role", plus "a tendency to depreciate females, plus a display of increased over-sensitivity, ambition, defiance, distrust of others, and a desire to dominate."

The Freudian school of psychology describes what they call a latent homosexuality in terms of those who consciously believe that they are heterosexual but who are unconsciously attracted to members of their own sex.

There is no such thing as latent homosexuality. The Freudian school goes on to ignore both the function of volitional choice in sin and God's classification of homosexuality as a sin in His Word.

It does, however, recognize the existence of the old sin nature with its lust pattern when it uses such words as concupiscence.

The Krafft-Ebing school of psychology concludes that homosexuality is rooted constitutionally. In other words they state that homosexuals are born and not conditioned, and that they have hormone or some kind of genetic imbalance that causes sexual deviation.

While the Krafft-Ebing school ignores homosexuality as a perverted reversionistic personal sin it does recognize the source the sin and comes very close to describing the function of the old sin nature as the source of the sin.

Modern schools of psychology, most psychiatrists, social workers and sociologists, seem to agree that homosexuality is neither constitutional nor genetic.

They contend that homosexuality is the result of environmental influences of a psychological nature. This ignores the concept of volition and the old sin nature as well as ignoring the whole concept of the doctrine of evil.

Homosexuality is a sin that comes from reversionism and evil from the old sin nature activity in deviant perverted concupiscence.

Homosexuals do not have different kinds of hormones, enzymes, or a different kind anatomy. Homosexuality is therefore not congenital or inherent.

Homosexuals may become neurotic or psychotic but it is not because society harasses them it is because they are under judgment from God because of their maladjustment to God's justice. This passage clearly states that they receive in themselves payment from God that includes neurosis and psychosis.

Society may excoriate the behavior of homosexuals but reversionism or maladjustment to the God's justice is what produces punitive action for their perverted sinfulness and evil.

Homosexuality is curable through the spiritual power options of the filling ministry of God the Holy Spirit in conjunction with Bible doctrine resident in the soul.

Whenever a society permits homosexuality and lesbianism it acts as a cancer and becomes one of the first manifestations of national degeneracy and imminent disaster from God's execution of the 5th cycle of discipline.

The preservation of the nation is an excellent reason for not tolerating these perversions but at this time we see the opposite occurring across the world.

The Creature, his war with God and the angelic conflict loom large in this passage.

Lucifer the son of the morning is the highest of all angelic creatures, the most beautiful creature, and the smartest creature that God ever created.

He is the ruler of all fallen angels. Matt 8:28; Matt 9:34; Matt 12:26; Luke 11:18,19. Isaiah 14:12-17; Ezekiel 28:11-19 describes in detail the beauty of this creature.

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