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The book of Romans part 85; Rom 2:5; The doctrine of the heart

In our verse by verse study of Romans we are in Rom 2:5; where our expanded translation so far is "Because of your hardness and unrepentant heart, you store up and accumulate..."

" Wrath for yourself," "wrath is translated from "orge," "for yourself" is translated from "seautou." "Wrath" is an anthropopathism that describes God's judgment against reversionism. The absence of the definite article calls attention to the high quality of this judgment. The one who is judging is perfect; so His condemnation is perfect.

In the day of wrath" is the preposition "en" plus the locative of "hemera," "the day," plus the descriptive genitive of "orge," "on the day of wrath." The day of wrath is the last judgment; the great white throne judgment is the final judgment from God's justice on those with salvation maladjustment.

"And revelation" from the ascensive "kai" translated "and" with the appositional genitive of the Greek noun that means disclosure, "apokalupsis" referring to the revelation, or the final disclosure where God's judgment is finally is rendered.

"The righteous judgment of God" translated from the descriptive genitive of "dikaiokrisia," "dikaio" ="righteous" + "krisis"=" judgment." The absence of the definite article again emphasizes the qualitative aspect of this noun.

The ablative of source is "o Theos," meaning " the God." The definite article with the noun indicates that the God, Jesus Christ who is well known to the readers.

It is hard to imagine the shock, and the trauma that will come to the self-righteous unbelieving arrogant do gooder who stands before the Lord Jesus Christ at the great white throne where his self-righteousness is completely and totally rejected and he finds out is going to the lake of fire not to heaven. This is why there will be weeping and gnashing teeth.

Expanded Translation Rom 2:5; "Because of your hardness and unrepentant heart, you store up and accumulate for yourself wrath against the day of wrath, even disclosure of just judgment from the God."

Some of the principles that come from this verse include the fact that it is impossible for the judicial verdict from the justice of God to be unfair. The judicial verdict is eternity in the lake of fire without recourse alive, conscious and in a state of mental anguish forever and ever.

This judicial verdict is not unfair because unfairness is incompatible with God's perfect essence. Since the self-righteous unbeliever prefers to stand on the accumulation of his human good deeds, those very deeds will be used to condemn him at the last judgment.

No sins can or will be mentioned at the last judgment since Christ has already been judged for those sins at the time of the cross. This means that only human good will be the basis for divine judgment of the unbeliever. Rev 20:12-15;

The evil of sin was judged at the cross but the evil human good was not. The self-righteous unbeliever stores up human good, hoarding it for his justification at the last judgment. But no matter how much human good he has accumulated or hoarded it is never sufficient because no amount of human good can ever approach God's righteousness.

Rom 2:5; brings up several doctrines; the doctrine of the heart, the doctrine of hardening of the heart and the doctrine of scar tissue in the soul, the doctrine of repentance, and the doctrine of the last judgment. We will start with the doctrine of the heart.

The Bible rarely refers to the physiological heart. The physiological heart is an intricately woven muscle that circulates blood using rhythmic contraction.

It is estimated that the heart pumps five quarts of blood every minute, seventy five gallons an hour, and seventy barrels a day, and about eighteen million barrels in seventy years.

The heart is the center of the cardiovascular system it is the pump for the biological circulatory system. It is a double pump with two atriums and two ventricles. The ventricles have a four-ounce volume and the atria a five-ounce volume.

The thick muscular walls of the ventricles are primarily responsible to pump the blood. Used blood is low in oxygen and high in CO2. To be cleansed, the used blood enters the right atrium through the superior and inferior vena cava. Used blood can be compared to the fake news, demonic propaganda and lies that are picked up in the devil's world.

The right ventricle pumps blood through the pulmonary artery to the lungs where the blood discharges CO2 and picks up oxygen from the alveoli. Then the blood travels through the pulmonary veins to the left atrium that pumps the oxygen-refreshed blood out through the aorta to the entire body.

The CO2 contained in the blood corresponds to all the evil, and false and erroneous ideas that are in our soul from the evil propaganda and lies from the devil's world that must be replaced by the oxygen of Bible doctrine.

In a similar manner, the "kardia," the right lobe of the soul pumps metabolized doctrine through various valves and circulates it through the brain, establishing a divine viewpoint mental attitude

The function of the blood is to bathe body tissue with fluid, preserving its slight alkaline condition while simultaneously supplying tissues with food and oxygen.

This provides the building material for growth and repair, distributes heat generated by cells, equalizes body temperature, carries hormones that coordinate and stimulate the activities of various organs, and conveys antibodies and white blood cells that fight infection.

Blood cannot support biological life unless it keeps circulating to the body through the biological heart similarly Bible doctrine circulating in the soul's stream of consciousness from the function of GASP provides sustenance to soul for spiritual life.

If blood flow is cut off to the brain, the person loses consciousness in three to five seconds; after fifteen to twenty seconds the body twitches convulsively; if more than nine minutes passes the mental powers of the brain are irrevocably destroyed.

The muscles of the biological heart can only survive loss of blood flow for thirty minutes. This is why the heart is so critical to biological life.

Many tissues of the body use as little as one-fourth of the oxygen brought to them by the blood. The heart uses eighty percent of the oxygen brought to it by the blood. Therefore, the amount of blood supplied to the heart is extremely important, especially when physical activity raises its demand for oxygen.

Physical activity is to the blood pumping activity of the biological heart what positive volition to doctrine is to the stream of consciousness and the soul's "kardia."

Blood is piped into the heart muscle through two large coronary arteries that surround the surface of the heart. The heart transforms chemical energy into the mechanical energy from compression from explosion similar to the conversion of energy in an internal combustion engine.

In both cases, the human heart and the combustion engine, an electrical charge suddenly explodes the fuel. In both the human heart and the combustion engine, fuel is complex, and the explosions involve a series of chemical reactions.

In the human heart and the combustion engine, the explosion occurs in contained spaces. The contained spaces of the human heart are the muscle cells that not only contain fuel, but also are able to replenish it themselves. The replenishment comes from fuel and oxygen supplied by the blood.

The "kardia" of the soul that functions as our spiritual heart transfers academic thought into spiritual energy through the process of GASP.

The mechanical efficiency of the cells that is comprised of the fraction of the total energy that can be converted into usable mechanical energy, has not been equaled by anything man has made prior to the development of atomic power. Seventy-two times a minute the heart's pacemaker, the S-A node, generates electricity.

All of these examples provide excellent analogies for the heart or right lobe of the soul as the circulator of Bible doctrine into the stream of consciousness of the soul. When Bible doctrine reaches the heart, Bible doctrine is converted into spiritual energy. This would include the ten problem solving devices, divine viewpoint, and the momentum of the spiritual life. No one can grow spiritually except through perception of Bible doctrine.

Psa 139:13-14; NET This passage recognizes what God's grace has done in providing the human body. The human body is a grace asset; we don't earn or deserve it. No matter what kind of person we are, we all can metabolize food and breathe air. Health is not determined by merit.

The psalmist recognizes the wonder of the human body the he understands from the right lobe of his soul.

The Biblical nouns that are translate as "heart" always refer to the right lobe of the soul. The Hebrew word "lebh" and the Greek word "kardia" are both translated "heart." Outside of the Bible both are used for the physical literal heart, but never in the Bible.

The usage of the words translated heart are based on analogy. Just as the physical heart is the pump that circulates blood throughout the body and thereby supports physical life, so the right lobe of the soul circulates doctrine supporting the spiritual life of the believer.

Doctrine is actually academically perceived in the left lobe, but it is in the right lobe where it is understood, chosen, and deployed.

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