Class Notes: 11/2/2022

The book of Romans part 88; Rom 2:5; The doctrine of the heart part 4

In our verse-by-verse study of Romans we finished Rom 2:5. Our expanded translation is "Because of your hardness and unrepentant heart, you store up and accumulate for yourself wrath against the day of wrath, even disclosure of just judgment from the God."

The words translated heart, hardness, unrepentant, and judgment in this verse brought up some doctrines to look at and we are presently looking at the doctrine of the heart.

Last time we noted that the frame of reference's alert system is necessary for the Christian life because you must learn to avoid error and the spiritual con artists, false teachers, and phony Christian service that satan uses to deceive believers into performing works that serve the devil instead of God.

Metabolized Bible doctrine in your frame of reference produces recall in every stage and circumstance of life.

Lam 3:20-25, "Surely my soul remembers and is humbled within me. This doctrine I recall to mind; therefore I have hope [as a problem solving device].

The Lord's unfailing love [logistical grace support] never ceases; His grace expressions never fail. They are new every morning; great is Your faithfulness. `

The Lord is my portion,' says my soul; `therefore I have confidence in Him. The Lord is good to those who wait for Him, To the person who seeks Him."

The frame of reference provides the basis for effective communication of doctrinal concepts in conversation, in one's profession, in witnessing, in social interaction, in the exchange of ideas, and the preservation of the client nation.

A doctrinal frame of reference revives the body, provides capacity for life, happiness, blessing, success, prosperity, and promotion but a cosmic frame of reference destroys the body, destroys capacity for life with fear, worry, anxiety, bitterness, loathing and anger.

Prov 14:30; NET A tranquil spirit revives the body, but envy is rottenness to the bones. The compartment of the soul that is right next to the frame of reference is the memory center.

While the frame of reference is the location for the classification of doctrine, the memory center is where recall of Bible doctrine from all areas of the stream of consciousness occurs.

Recall is necessary for the application of doctrine to experience, for worship, for training the Christian reflexes, and the function of the problem solving devices.

The memory center circulates Bible doctrine into the various parts of the heart enabling recall. It recalls information like a computer. You associate things in your frame of reference and then remember them from the function of the memory center. After a lot of repetition, the memory center develops neural pathways that enable rapid recall.

Recall of doctrine is the first step in the application of Bible doctrine to experience and it is therefore a part of wisdom. Recall is the basis for the function of all ten of the problem solving devices: rebound, the filling of the Spirit, the faith-rest drill, grace orientation, doctrinal orientation, personal love for God the Father, impersonal love for all mankind, +H or sharing the happiness of God, a personal sense of destiny, and occupation with Christ.

Recall becomes the basis for structuring problem solving devices. It may take the recall of only one verse, such as 1John 1:9; to structure rebound. Rebound must be simple; we sin so often that we need a very easy solution.

Rebound is God's solution that relates the judgment of our sins to Jesus on the cross as the predicate for forgiveness.

More complex recall occurs after we learn more about God's protocol plan, the invisible assets in the portfolio, the unique life, suffering for blessing, and the lifestyle of wisdom. Recall is the basis for the function of every stage of the faith-rest drill.

Recall is the application of the doctrinal rationales to the circumstances of life. This would include the essence of God rationale, the sons of God rationale, the plan of God rationale, the citizenship rationale, the grace of God rationale, and the logistical grace rationale.

Recall has nothing to do with whether or not you have a good memory as a human being. It has everything to do with the inculcation of doctrine. You must hear a doctrine repeated over and over again. The more you hear a doctrine, the sooner you will remember it so you can use your volition to apply it.

Doctrine hasn't been learned until it cannot be forgotten. What cannot be remembered cannot be recalled and used. When under the pressure of testing there is no time to look doctrine up in a notebook it must already be up and running in memory ready for instant recall and application when under pressure.

Only what has been learned can be applied this means that recall is the predicate for application of epignosis doctrine in the heart to the circumstances of life. When epignosis doctrine is applied, it is called wisdom translated from the Greek word "sophia."

Lam 3:20-24, "Surely my soul remembers and is humbled within me. This doctrine I recall to my mind, therefore I have confidence (hope). The Lord's grace support never ceases; His grace expressions never fail. They are new every morning; great is Your faithfulness. `The Lord is my portion,' says my soul (frame of reference and memory center); `therefore I have confidence (hope) in Him.'"

Verse 21 tells us that recall of doctrine establishes humility as the basis of function in the spiritual life with the result that Jeremiah had both doctrinal orientation and grace orientation that are the predicate for confidence (hope).

Psa 119:6; "I delight in doctrine; I shall not forget Your word." Psalm 119 was the thinking of the young Jewish people who had been captured and were being treated terribly and abused on the long march from Jerusalem to Babylon. They had learned the doctrine and they recalled it under the most adverse of circumstances.

Psa 119:109;NET "My life is in constant danger, but I do not forget Your doctrines." The frame of reference plus the memory center equals the recall of doctrine.

2Cor 10:4-6; The context of this passage is the angelic conflict, and the issue is your weaponry. You must have the right weapons. You come to Bible class learn how to wield those weapons.

God provides the weapons that are contained in the arsenal of God's Word of truth. The phrase in verse six "we are ready" refers to epignosis doctrine in the frame of reference and in the memory center that is up and running and therefore available for immediate response.

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