Class Notes: 4/16/2023

The book of Romans part 129; Rom 3:1; Doctrine of the client nation

In our verse-by-verse study of Romans we are in Rom 3:1; that starts out with the question "What then the advantage of the Jew?" We noted that they have a racial advantage, a doctrinal advantage, and they were God's priest nation. This brought us to the doctrine of the priest/client nation.

Last time we noted that when judgment falls on a nation, the pivot is still secure because of their adjustment to God's justice. If a mature believer dies during historical disaster, it is not discipline it is just his time to go home; the mature believer's death is the Lord's victory.

The principle of deliverance depending upon the size of the pivot is derived from the fact that mature believers are a blessing by association and have historical impact. While the pivot is secure, the spin-off from the pivot is destroyed in the historical disaster.

Historical disaster simply separates those who are adjusted to God's justice from those who are maladjusted. Since the spin-off is always comprised of those who are maladjusted, they are disciplined and destroyed by the historical disaster.

We noted that the predicate for the client nation is Jewish priest nation. There is never a permanent Jewish client nation to God until Jesus Christ provides it after Second Advent at the beginning or the Millennium.

Israel will be restored as the client nation to God at the Second Advent. Then it will function as His representative nation on the earth for the entire Millennium.

Isa 61:5-8a, "You will be called priests of Jehovah." We see from this that client nations are definitely a factor in the spiritual life.

Presently in the church age the USA is the active Client Nation to God. In every generation of U.S. history, there has been the ingredients of the client nation: evangelism, Bible teaching, missionaries, and pro-Semitism.

The USA as a client nation is reflected in our Constitution's limits on the federal government's authority when the politicians respect the authority of the Constitution.

We still have all the ingredients, but things are getting very bad. We have a small pivot of mature believers, but the spin-off is getting very large. Evangelism often adds works to faith alone. Bible doctrine is rarely taught properly or accurately. Reversionism has destroyed many missionaries.

After the exit restitution there will be no client nation; that means there will be no nation of refuge for the Jews. The only thing we are doing right at the present is providing a haven for the Jews but anti-Semitism is increasing.

When the Church is taken out of the world at the exit resurrection, so is the ministry of the Holy Spirit in providing blessing by association and historical impact by restraining evil. 2Thes 2:6;

The "Times of the Gentiles" and Client Nations are described in, Luke 21:20-24; where. Jesus Christ is warning the Jews of the removal of Judea as a client nation. Mature Jewish believers were to understand from learning Bible doctrine that Judea was going be destroyed.

When the historical disaster described in this passage was fulfilled the pivot was delivered while proximately 1,000,000 were killed and 97,000 taken captive.

The "times of the Gentiles" refers to the fact that from 70 A.D. until the exit resurrection there would only be Gentile client nations to God and here will be no client nations during the Tribulation where only individual Jews will be evangelists.

When the fifth cycle of discipline came in 70 A.D., it ended the function of any Jewish nation as a priest nation until the Second Advent of Christ. There will be no Gentile client nation during the Tribulation since all believers are taken to heaven before this period of historical disaster.

Gentile client nations should have a maximum number of mature believers for a pivot, maximum evangelism within their own nation, maximum missionary activity to other nations, and they are to provide a haven for the Jews.

The client nation is characterized by being pro-Semitic. No Gentile nation can be a client nation to God without providing a haven for the Jews during the "times of the Gentiles." Anti-Semitism automatically eliminates any nation from being a client nation to God.

During the tribulation, there will be a Jewish nation, but it will not be a client nation. There will be a great evangelistic thrust by 144,000 Jews and the return of Moses and Elijah. But Israel is not restored as a client nation to God until Jesus' Second Advent.

Rom 11:25; "For, brethren, I do not wish you to be ignorant of this mystery (Church Age doctrine), lest you become presumptuous (wise in your own estimation), that a partial hardening has occurred to Israel until the full measure of Gentile nations has come in."

The word translated "Gentile nations" is the Greek word "ethnos." This word means Gentiles and Gentile nations. The full measure of the Gentile nations is all the Gentile client nations from the fall of Israel in 70 A.D. until the end of the Church Age.

The full measure of Gentile nations refers to the times of the Gentiles with one slight difference. The times of the Gentiles goes from 70 A.D. until the Second Advent.

The full measure of the Gentiles has to do with the fact that there will always be Gentile client nations until the resurrection of the Church. The difference is the tribulation, during which there is no Gentile client nation and Israel is not yet restored as a client nation.

Mankind does not possess the power to perpetuate or guarantee peace on the earth. There will always be wars and rumors of wars until Jesus Christ returns, Matt 24:6-7.

Therefore, beware of politicians who reject and diminish the military, Ezek 13:10-16. Beware of the leftist clergy, who manufacture lies about world peace, Jer 6:13-14.

The supreme court of heaven can punish Israel without any help. Anti-Semitism is a factor that guarantees the destruction of a national entity.

God does not need any help in His discipline of Israel. Anti-Semitism is Satanic, Rev 12. Anti-Semitism results in liability to personal and national discipline from the Supreme Court of heaven Gen 12:3.

All failure of client nations to God includes both the spiritual and establishment principles, Hosea 4:1-6. The failure of believers to execute God's plan and purpose results in a shrinking pivot of mature believers and the rejection of establishment principles.

Leftist politicians with a fantasy notion pursue power with utopian plans destroy a national entity. The utopian concept came into history in 1516, when Sir Thomas Moore wrote a book called Utopia, a state of political and social perfection.

Utopianism involves the dreams and schemes of an imaginary situation of political and social perfection that is divorced from reality

Utopianism is the satanic concept of the millennium brought on by the work of mankind rather than by the work of God. This is the warning of Ezek 13:10-16.

Utopianism not only rejects the biblical prophecy of the millennium but also ignores the total depravity of mankind and the need for regeneration and the requirement for the establishment principles that are delineated in the Scripture.

God has established nationalism in the human race to protect it from self-destruction, Acts 17:24-27.

Utopian socialism is an economic system based on the premise that if people voluntarily give up their freedom; and capital voluntarily surrenders its ownership of the means of production to the state poverty would be abolished.

This redistribution of wealth is totally disastrous. The Bible does not teach any such thing. The word of God teaches that you must always have capitalism and free enterprise. Capitalism is the only economic system that creates prosperity.

Jesus Christ controls history. He controls history through the function of His divine essence. He controls history as a judge of the supreme court of heaven. He controls history through the pivot of mature believers who are functioning under the ministry of God the Holy Spirit in the client nation.

He controls history through the utilization of the wrath of man to praise Him, Ps 76:10. He controls history through the preservation of Israel against all anti-Semitism functions both Satanic and sin nature conspiracy.

He controls history through the preservation of the planet during the course of human history. He not only created the universe, Heb 1:10, but He holds the universe together by the word of His power, Heb 1:3; Col 1:17;

By controlling of history, Jesus Christ provides freedom for the function of human volition. He controls history through the Second Advent that terminates the last and greatest world war of human history.

Some Principles of Hope for a Client Nation. You cannot buy hope because Hope is not for sale. You cannot legislate hope because hope is the monopoly of God and hope demands a relationship with God.

This means that government cannot give you hope because hope is the product of confidence in God and His Word of truth. 1Cor 13:13;

This means that the hope for Gentile client nations to God during he Church Age always depends on believers executing the unique spiritual life that has impact on the nation through blessing by association.

As goes the spiritual life of the believer so goes the blessing of God for the client nation.

In recognition of the doctrine, "as goes the believer, so goes the client nation," hope is the monopoly of the royal priesthood of the Church Age.

Only those believers who execute the unique spiritual life of the dispensation of the Church constitute both blessing and deliverance to the client nation to God in any given generation.

Therefore, hope in the client nation is related to the pivot of mature believers who execute the spiritual life of the Church to become a vehicle of blessing by association. Heb 13:20-21; 2Cor 13:1; Eph 3:20-21.

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