Class Notes: 5/14/2023

The book of Romans part 132; Rom 3:2; Doctrine of the importance of doctrine


n our verse by verse study of Romans we just completed Rom 3:2; with the expanded translation "Much in every way: for in the first place since they (Israel) were entrusted with the doctrines from God."

We see here that one of the advantages of the Jew is that they were entrusted with God's Word of truth that is the basis for receiving grace blessing from God.

This tells us that doctrinal teaching is to be the believer's highest priority in life. We must be motivated by Bible doctrine to praise God. Once you understand God's integrity you have enough doctrine to praise Him.

Doctrinal teaching is the only way anyone can understand God's integrity. This is why God magnifies doctrinal teaching above everything else.

God is glorified when he can give us our escrow blessings. He cannot convey them until we have maximum Bible doctrine in the soul that develops the capacity to appreciate the source of those blessings.

With His dying words Jesus Christ made Bible doctrine the spiritual legacy of God's royal family. Luke 23:46 cf Psa 31:5; "Into Your hands I deposit My spirit, for You have delivered Me, O Lord, God of doctrine."

Both Bible doctrine and the evil of human good were here before we came and will be here after we have gone. Neither one can be changed, but they can change us because we are what we think. Prov 23:7c

Prov 8:33-36. "Heed Bible teaching, become wise, do not neglect it.

Happiness to the man who listens to me, watching daily at my gates, waiting at my doors.

He who finds me (Bible doctrine) finds capacity for life and obtains grace blessing from the Lord.

But he who sins against me injures himself. All those who hate me love death."

This passage tells us that our attitude toward doctrine determines whether God will bless us or discipline us in time,

The issue in life is God's word of truth that reveals divine good and satan's cosmic lies that is evil. The issue is whether satan's cosmic panaceas or Bible doctrine control our soul.

Doctrine is the basis for the distribution of escrow blessings in time, Isa 53:12. "Therefore, I (God the Father) will distribute the plunder of victory to Him (Jesus Christ) because of the many (God's royal family); then He will distribute the plunder of victory to the great ones (mature believers) because He poured out His soul to death..."

Doctrine is also the basis for the distribution of escrow blessings for eternity, Heb 11:9-10 cf Heb 11:13; James 1:25 cf James 2:12-13.

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