Class Notes: 7/13/2023

The book of Romans part 147; Rom 3:9;The doctrine of the old sin nature part 5

In our verse by verse study of Romans we are looking at the word "hamartia" translated "sin" in Rom 3:9; We have noted that this word is a reference to the old sin nature or Adam's original sin that is the predicate for spiritual death and personal sins.

Last time we noted the conflict this creates in the believer that Paul describes on Rom 7. The old sin nature produces at least six categories of fragmentation.

Personal or self-fragmentation is related to the sin nature's strengths and weaknesses. Every person has different areas where they tend to succumb to temptation and other areas where they can resist temptation.

Heb 6:1, "Therefore, leaving behind (graduating from) the elementary teachings about Christ (basic doctrines of the Hypostatic Union, Christology, and salvation), let us advance to maturity (the execution of God's protocol plan that glorifies God and manufactures the invisible hero.

not reestablishing the foundation (the doctrines of salvation and spirituality) of repentance away from dead works, and of faith toward God, . . ."

Dead works are human good that comes from the area of strength of the old sin nature. When under the control of the sin nature, all the good works that are produced are not acceptable to God so they are described as " dead." Remember "dead" means apart from.

Polarized fragmentation is related to the trends of the sin nature. The sin nature has a trend either toward self-righteous arrogance and legalism or toward lascivious lawlessness and antinomianism.

Perpetuated legalistic fragmentation results in moral degeneracy. Perpetuated antinomian fragmentation results in immoral degeneracy.

Pre-salvation sinning is solved by faith in Christ. On the cross Jesus Christ was judged for both the sins of legalism and the sins of antinomianism. At the moment anyone believes in Christ, the problem of pre- salvation sinning is solved, for those sins are all blotted out, Isa 43:25, 44:22; Eph 1:7; Col 1:14.

Post-salvation sinning requires the use of problem solving device #1, the rebound technique. 1 John 1:9; 1Cor 11:31;

Polarized fragmentation creates conflict among people who are following the opposite trends of their old sin nature. When there is no toleration of others this conflict can drive positive volition away from doctrinal communication.

Fragmentation is related to subjective arrogance that includes unrealistic expectation and role model arrogance. Unrealistic expectation comes from subjective preoccupation with self; role model arrogance comes from subjective preoccupation with others.

When arrogance is combined with polarization from the sin nature fragmentation can occur in any human relationship. Polar fragmentation is often related to the emotion that involves the emotional sins including fear, worry, anxiety, hatred, anger, violence, and murder. Emotional sins exacerbate fragmentation.

In human relationships fragmentation can occur in marriage and in Christian fellowship.

Fragmentation in one's relationship with God includes failure to understand and apply the problem solving devices that results in the loss of the filling ministry of God the Holy Spirit, inability to properly apply doctrine and failure to execute God's protocol plan.

After salvation believes continue to possess a sin nature and submit to its lust patterns with their volition.

1John 1:8; tells us we continue to possess the old sin nature. "If we say (contend, maintain, assert) that we have no sin (nature), we deceive ourselves, and doctrine is not in us." 1John 1:10; "If we say (contend, maintain, assert) that we have not sinned (after salvation), we make Him a liar and His truth is not in us."

Since the believer continues to possess the old sin nature after salvation, he is equivalent to a walking spiritual grenade. However, only the believer's volition can pull the pin of the grenade.

Being tempted by the sin nature is not sin; the believer only sins when he uses his volition to choose to sin. That's why the rebound technique described in 1John 1:9: is the first problem-solving device because it provides recovery from fragmentation.

The pin of the grenade is always related to some form of arrogance. Arrogance including but not limited to jealousy, bitterness, hatred, vindictiveness, implacability, self-pity, self-righteous arrogance, motivational and functional revenge, slander, maligning, gossip, and judging.

Fragmentation in life moves in the opposite directions of the polarized trends of the sin nature.

If the trend is toward self-righteous arrogance and legalism, the fragments of the life include slander, gossip, maligning, judging, and Christian activism.

If the trend is toward lasciviousness and lawlessness, the trend is toward sexual, sexual perversion, and even criminality.

The trend toward self-righteousness and legalism produces such heresies as saying that you cannot commit certain sins and still be a Christian.

That is wrong. The believer can commit any sin an unbeliever can commit.

The self-righteous trend results in several categories of heretical conclusions including salvation by works, spirituality by works, a misunderstanding of our Lord's teaching that "by their fruits you shall know them."

Self-righteous Christians misunderstand this verse and conclude that you are not really a Christian unless you show what they think is the proper manifestation of it through the production of dead works.

The trend toward lasciviousness and lawlessness results in antinomianism and reaction against Bible doctrine because God's Word of truth is falsely assumed to be associated with the self-righteous arrogance of legalistic Christians.

We could spend a lot more time on this but it will keep coming up so we will move on in our verse-by-verse study with Rom 3 verse 10.

Rom 3:10-12; provide Old Testament documentation regarding spiritual death that is related to Adam's original sin. Adam's original sin created the old sin nature that results in personal sin along with spiritual death.

Because of this everyone is born dead to God and continues to live that way while living in this world until they believe in Jesus Christ that is the predicate for salvation adjustment to God's justice.

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