Class Notes: 10/26/2023

The book of Romans part 176; Rom 4:12-13;

In our verse by verse study of Romans last time we completed Rom 4:12; with the
Expanded Translation "And the pattern of circumcision, not only to those from
circumcision [Jews], but also to those who advance in the ranks from the source of
doctrine, like our father Abraham in uncircumcision."

We see from this that not only did Abraham set the pattern for salvation adjustment to
God's justice for salvation as a Gentile in uncircumcision but he also set the pattern for
maturity adjustment to God's justice as a Gentile in the status of uncircumcision.

Abraham's faith in Christ is the pattern for salvation adjustment to God's justice. Gen

The doctrine resident in Abraham's soul through the function of GASP is the pattern of
maturity adjustment to God's justice described in Genesis chapter 17.

It is interesting to note that the words translated "the steps" or the ranks are monadic so
they describe a single set of orderly steps not all kind of random steps.

Abraham is the pattern for adjustment to God's justice prior to the existence of the Old
Testament scripture. Abraham, an uncircumcised Gentile did not become a circumcised
Jew until after he had already attained maximum capacity adjustment to God's justice as a

Abraham therefore becomes the pattern for both Jews and Gentiles in the adjustments to
God's justice. This emphasizes the fact that all blessings from that come directly from
God's justice require a specific predicate or a target.

The specific predicate or target for all direct blessing from God's justice is the imputation
of God's righteousness at the point of salvation.

The conveyance of the greater blessings from God's justice is related to the intake of
doctrine into the believer's soul because God's justice can only provide greater blessing as
capacity is developed from the function of God's imputed righteousness under the
ministry of God the Holy Spirit and God's Word of Absolute Truth.

God's integrity must be consistent. This consistency demands compatibility with the
function of God's righteousness and with God's justice as facets of God's integrity.

There must be no compromise no inconsistency and no chaos. To avoid compromise and
inconsistency a principle becomes axiomatic: God's justice can only directly bless God's

Since all blessings from God originate from God's justice and since God's justice cannot
bless sinful man it was necessary for God in grace to initiate the process by imputing His
own righteousness to sinful man while he was still sinning to be the target for His perfect
blessing. Rom 8:3; Rom 5:8;

In the function of God's integrity toward mankind perfect righteousness demands
righteousness and perfect justice demands justice

God cannot accept anything less than perfect righteousness and God cannot bless
anything less than perfect righteousness. This emphasizes the importance of the
imputation of God's righteousness to the believer when they believe in Jesus Christ for

Faith in Christ is instant adjustment to God's justice for salvation. Continuous and
persistent learning of Bible Doctrine under the filling ministry of the Holy Spirit and the
authority of one's right pastor is the means of attaining maturity adjustment to God's

Remember that God's integrity includes two divine attributes: righteousness, the principle
of integrity and justice the function of integrity.

God's justice administers what God's righteousness demands.
Therefore God's justice cannot bless unless the recipient has a perfect righteousness that
is equivalent to God's perfect righteousness.

God's justice can only directly bless the possessor of God's perfect righteousness. That
means that the basis for God's blessing to mankind is the imputation of God's perfect
righteousness to the believer at the instant of salvation adjustment to God's justice.

Therefore imputation and justification must precede all other direct blessings from God's
justice. Justification can only occur at the moment of faith in Christ because justification
is the exclusive result of God's imputed righteousness at the moment of faith in Christ.

When the believer receives God's imputed righteousness God's justice performs a judicial
function known as justification-declaring the believer who continues to commit sins to be
irrevocably righteous.

In other words, God recognizes His righteousness as righteous wherever it is found even
in a sinful person who is sinning.

The possession of God's righteousness through grace imputation at salvation is the
prerequisite to all other blessings from God that come directly from God's justice.

With the imputation of God's righteousness and resultant justification all other divine
blessings, temporal and eternal, above and beyond ultimate sanctification that God placed
in escrow for the believer in eternity past are potential.

This potential for blessings or advantages from God's integrity is acquired through the
daily function of GASP that results in maximum doctrine resident in the soul that is
capacity righteousness. This is the only way that sin can be minimized in the believer's

Maximum doctrine resident in the soul also known as maturity adjustment to God's
justice is where capacity matches potential resulting in a mature relationship with God's
integrity freeing God to convey the blessings that are held in escrow.

Maturity status not only results in conveyance of escrow blessings or advantages from
God's justice but it also includes the capacity to enjoy those blessings.

Rom 4:13; explains that God's righteousness, not righteousness from keeping the law, is
the basis for blessing from God's justice. As we have seen the word order in the Greek is
often different, and sometimes significantly different from English translations, this is
also case in this verse so we will follow the Greek word order,

"For not through the law" the explanatory conjunctive particle "gar" (for) plus the
objective negative adverb "ou" (not) rejecting the reality of an alleged fact, plus the
preposition "dia" (through) with the genitive of the noun "nomos" (law).

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